Geoffro / Hex3D is creating 3D Printable Designs , Cosplay and Custom painted Prints.

Level 1 Access

$1 /mo
The Level 1 package is designed for people that are after small and easy models to print ie. Small desktop items, functional models. I promise to provide no less than 5 new models per month for you...

Level 2 Access

$5 /mo
Level 2 Access (L2)  will provide you to no less than 3 premium models per month. These will range from simple to reasonably complex and including props (helmets etc)  and 1:1 scale items for your ...

Level 3 Access

$10 /mo
Level 3 Access is for the serious cosplayers out there. I promise to have 1 new cosplay suit or at least a large type of cosplay item for you at the start of each month.

Level 3 access wil...