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About Barby
Hey geograpeeps.
Welcome to the GN Patreon page. This page is where you can support GN and get exclusive content only posted up here for Patreon Patrons that the general public does not have access to!

The Majority of the money raised here will go towards production costs, and mostly towards filming and motion graphics animating on the show. In the beginning we were lucky to have one episode a month, now we can get about 3-4 WITH flag / Fan Friday episodes as well!

Also I am planning to start paying the guest stars on the show,(Like KEITH!) they used to do it for free and I appreciated it but the more this channel grows I feel it's probably a better move to take things professionally and start compensating them financially for their services. 

Leftover money goes towards various other things like buying new equipment (We have new lighting for Fan/ Flag Friday episodes. We got a new camera as well) In addition some also goes towards postage and shipping for sending out the booklets and buttons we sell from (Drop shipping handles the T-shirts and mugs though) 

Otherwise every so often we may make a large purchase here and there and if we do I will notify you first and ask you if you are okay with it before buying (Like I did with the drone used for the heritage trip video and others) Since it is your money and I want you to feel like you are making a well invested payment in GN. 

No we don't waste finances on shiny new cars and luxury fur coats. We're not THOSE guys. Plus it really does nothing for us. What would we need it for anyway? 

Thanks for everything, You Geograpeeps are the best:

$2,214 of $3,200 per month
Cost of paying for production costs of Filming/ Animating each episode. This allows Barby to have more free time to research and Email Geograpeeps when making scripts for the next GN videos.

Also in 2018 GN wants to start paying the guest stars in each episode (Like KEITH!) Previously they volunteered for free but we would like to compensate them even if it's just for gas and lunch and a little extra pocket cash for their services. 

Left over money is spent in various ways like buying new equipment, external hard drives, ...etc. and usually we will put an update that tells you what is being spent. 

No. We do not have a stash of hidden luxury cars and diamonds bought with your money. That stuff is useless for GN anyway.
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