Geonn Cannon is creating Stories of drama & romance with lesbian characters

$1 /mo
For just one dollar a month, you get access to an exclusive story only available to patrons of this page. The stories will vary in length and rating, and will either tie into one of my novels, Squi...

$2 /mo
Pledge $2 a month and you can request a drawing of any character of mine you want! I promise no great quality, but I guarantee I'll do my very best to make something you'll like. 

$5 /mo
You can choose the name for a character in an upcoming story. Name subject to approval, and the character will be cleared/okayed by you just in case you don't want your character to be a villain, a...

$10 /mo
Request a story about a specific character/pairing. Anyone I've written, or a character type you'd like to see.

$50 /mo
Custom story between 5,000 and 10,000 words (I may. Go over, but not under. You provide character names, plots, specific situations, etc, as detailed or as vague as you like). The story will be you...

$100 /mo
A signed copy of one of my novels. (available internationally)