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About Geri Meyers

Hi, I'm Geri Meyers, and I've dreamed of being an author since I first realized in elementary school that actual people wrote books. I've always had story ideas and characters in my head, and it clicked that I could be one of those people, that I could share the action, the drama and the romance I envisioned in my mind with other people. Of course, as many of you know, dreams sometimes take a back seat to the struggles of living, and I put my dream on hold.

I've tried my hand at various different jobs and careers because as many know, writing isn't a guaranteed source of income, and a person's got to eat. I've tried my hand working fast food, cleaning fish tanks at an exotic fish and pet store, I've worked in a college as a peer tutor and in the medical field as both a licensed nursing assistant and physical therapist assistant. In 2013 I was injured on the job preventing a falling patient from becoming hurt, and the injury I sustained combined with being an individual with Fibromyalgia has made it impossible for me to return to a work environment.

The good thing that's come out of it is that I finally have time to devote to my writing, to do the thing I was always meant to do. I've finished my first novel, titled "The Reckless Prince", and am devoting time to editing it in order to find an agent, and hopefully a publisher in time, while I work on my other writing projects. I have two other novels in progress, one about half finished, the other a third, and two project ideas in the notes stage.

I write fantasy fiction, it's been my passion since I was a small child. The Reckless Prince is a story of a young prince who wants to prove himself a worthy heir to the throne. Led by a prophet's vision to seek a marriage with a neighboring princess, he sets out on a mission to abduct her, dodging his cousin's attempts to stop him before he starts a war between the kingdoms. Most of the side stories on this patreon are currently devoted to that story, but in the future I'm planning to expand, and also to post draft chapters of stories I plan to self publish while I work on finding an agent and publisher for my bigger projects.

I'll be using this Patreon to help me pay for monthly expenses like groceries, medical bills, rent and utilities while I attempt to sell my manuscript. For those who wish to support me, I will be providing side scenes and stories related to the books I'm writing, as well as posting about my experiences as I attempt to sell my manuscript. The more support I receive, the more often I'll post updates and stories.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your patronage. Writing means the world to me, and having the chance to share it with all of you is an exciting opportunity. I hope you enjoy these stories and will venture on this journey with me as I reach for my dream to be a published author.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts

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