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About Gex alpha

I'm Alan, A chilean artist aspiring to learn digital art and actually studying cinematography.
I consider myself a digital artist and an eternal learner on arts.

I love doing a little bit of everything. From character design to animations, always with the intention to learn and keep growing along. 

But his ain't easy, you see, i'm currently sort of short in money, and my brief free time i spent it drawing meanwhile i study Cinematography. So here i am, pleading for support so i can keep publishing art and learning and sharing my works with y'all.

But not only this, but also i make videos from time to time, varied content. Sometimes Voice acting, covers, speedpaints, animatics, animations,Streams. A little bit of everything that i love and like to try.

I mean, yeah. I like to try a lot of things, but i need your help to get this done. 
I upload my content whenever comes out. Usually on weekends.

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Si por alguna razón no puedes realizar tu aporte por medio de Patreon, (ya sea por problemas de sistema o simplemente por no tener una tarjeta de crédito), he incluido otros métodos.

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Depósito Bancario a Cuenta RUT o Transferencia Electrónica: (Sólo válido para Chile)Si eres de Chile y no deseas/no puedes utilizar el sistema de Patreon, también podrás realizar tu aporte con los siguientes datos:
Entidad Bancaria: BancoEstado
Tipo de Cuenta: Cuenta RUT (Cuenta Vista)
Número de cuenta: 19664736
Nombre Destinatario: Alan Tapia Ramírez
RUT de Destinatario: 19.664.736-8
E-mail de destinatario: [email protected]

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