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This is the official GeyserTimes Patreon account. The page was previously used to support Paul Thompson in his quest to cover server costs, as coordinated with GeyserTimes. Rest assured that your contributions remain committed to this cause.

Our Mission

GeyserTimes is a Utah-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and dissemination of geyser-related data.
  • For Acquisition, we support multiple data sources such as field observations, temperature loggers and logbook transcripts.
  • For Preservation, we maintain the technical infrastructure necessary for long-term storage including our servers and our domain.
  • For Dissemination, we provide open access to the data through websites, archive files, programming interfaces and scientific toolsets.
As part of our efforts, we currently operate two distinct sites that everyone can access, regardless of contribution status.
  • GeyserTimes (at which hosts a browsable version of the most comprehensive database of geyser eruption and observation data on the internet.
  • GeyserDashboard (at which hosts a sensor dashboard and chat built around the Old Faithful live streaming webcam.

Our Pledge

As a public-benefit organization we pledge to operate as transparently as possible. We’ve published an extensive set of public documents on our Google Drive, available upon request. In the interest of openness you can currently fully peruse our By-Laws. To get a better understanding of where your contributions go you might also want to read our latest Financial Statement. The latest Meeting Minutes are also available.

Our Team

We are an all-volunteer team consisting of experts in various scientific fields, including mathematics, engineering, geoscience and computer science. What unites us is our profound interest in geysers, not only in Yellowstone, but around the world. Our Board consists of President Jake Young, Treasurer Will Boekel and Secretary Alan Glennon. Other contributors are Casey Yates, Demetri Stoumbos, Eric Zimmerman, Michael Altstidl, Paul Thompson and Thomas Altstidl.

GeyserTimes is a Utah nonprofit corporation and exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your contribution. At the end of each year you will receive the receipt necessary for claiming your tax deductible.
$115.40 of $200 per month
While the all-volunteer team creating both GeyserTimes and GeyserDashboard works for free, there are certain costs that cannot be avoided. Our stretch goal of reaching $200 per month donations will help stabilize our budget for server costs, annual domain fees, etc. and give us opportunities to expand our offerings for geyser gazers and scientists in the future.
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