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Hi fellow Geyser Geeks,

Thanks very much for visiting our Patreon page.

This is Paul Thompson. As you might know, I created the Old Faithful Camchat page that many of you have frequented over the years for the last decade and more.

Over the years I have gotten to know many of the other Yellowstone Geyser Geeks around. That includes the marvelous folks who have built and maintain the GeyserTimes website and smartphone applications.

A couple of years ago I started hosting the server infrastructure that runs behind GeyserTimes. I've always been happy to do that and cover the costs to keep this great service running!

However, over the years it has become clear to myself and others who run GeyserTimes that in order to make the website more stable and secure, we really needed to look at getting some community funding. This Patreon page is the first version of allowing you, our friends and community members, to join in supporting GeyserTimes and the Chat page so that we can keep this running.

Please note that this support is completely voluntary. Either way, we will do what we can to keep the websites and applications running strong. Also, as we are all still volunteers, please note that this is a contribution to helping this keep going, but not paying us for a service. We will continue to do what we can to provide the best quality of service we can. However, while we are still just volunteers, there may be some downtime here and there.

Thanks very much for reading this far and considering supporting this Patreon page. If you are interested in contributing to what we are doing here, that'd be awesome. If not, please keep enjoying the GeyserTimes and chat pages anyways!

Paul Thompson
$100 – reached! per month
While the folks creating Geyser Times and the chat page work for free, unfortunately the server we run on and other miscellaneous costs do, well, cost! Our initial goal of reaching $100 per month donations will allow us to cover server costs, annual domain fees, etc.
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