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About Ghost in the Machine

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for making it all the way to my Patreon page. I have been lucky so far to have the best fans anyone could ask for as our music has continued to grow. And I say our because it is each and every one of you that has allowed our music to grow over the years, from the first time I hopped on Youtube and decided to post a remix of Session I had been tinkering, all the way till now. From the very beginning my goal has always been to create the very best music I possibly could; The kind of music that makes an emotional connection with the listener, and lingers well beyond the first listen. I never dreamed that anyone would truly take the time to listen, and here we are years later, gaining a serious momentum with each new release.

Realistically, my goal with patreon is to try and provide more time for me to be able to focus on creating music for us all. As it stands, I am a one man band/production team. I play the guitars, the drums, the bass, the synths, everything you hear in my music from the ground up. And after that process is over I get the pleasure of putting on my audio engineer hat, and go to work on mixing, and mastering, every song I create. This process takes up an enormous amount of time, AKA months in between releases on Youtube. So what I am hoping to do here is garner enough support that I can have enough time to focus on getting a new song out to you all every 2-3 weeks, and invest all of the funds we earn here back into the music (instruments, programs, production costs) to raise the quality of the music even further.

I think I've even come up with some really neat rewards to not only allow all of you to get involved with the community, but the very music itself

Thank you all so much, your support truly means the world
-Ghost in the Machine
$19 of $300 per month
When we are able to reach $200 pledged per month, I will be able to release a 3 song EP and setup a site for official merchandise. The first official Ghost in the Machine shirt will be given away for free to one of our amazing Patron's!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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