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About Giankatia

Hi everyone, welcome to my Patreon.

My name Giankatia, and are a little artist.
You can see my work on Instagram or on Twitter, I also created my first OCs.

I created a story: All because of a brain is a story that was created in an Italian role-playing game. The story is about two boys, Adam and Sam, who know each other through a social media. They have ups and downs, between jealousies, arrests. They live in New York, come from two different situations family. Between the age difference, and ex-girlfriends who emerge when they least expect it, the two decide to go and live together. But this step seems increasingly difficult for them to reach it.

I hope you enjoy this project. Now go to the likes, comments, followers, because we need your support. If you click on this link (, you will find various useful links to support this fun little project.
Now you can read the adventures of Adam and Sam on Webtoons

Vorrei ringraziarvi se deciderete di supportarmi, perchè mi aiuterete a portare avanti la mia passione motivandomi sempre di piu! 

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