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About GigaBoots

Who is GigaBoots?
My name is Daniel Mitchell and I run GigaBoots, a YouTube Channel and Website, with some friends of mine (Eric, Bob, and Dr. Aggro.) We make videos about Video Games including Quick Plays, ReviewsTop 8's, Let's Plays, and other shows like The Weekly Beating and What Indie Hell. We also do an Anime Podcast with our fellow YouTuber HailZeon . Our video quality is top-notch and we upload stuff regularly.

What sort of videos do you jokers make?
We make a lot of different things, as I mentioned above, but here's an example of one of our reviews.

And here's one of our Quick Plays.

Why are we here on Patreon and what the heck is this place anyways?
Patreon is a place where you can help fund creators so they can keep making cool stuff for you to enjoy. Supporting us via patreon helps us lubricate our Internet Video Making machine by letting us buy hardware when things break and new equipment to improve our quality. On top of that, we use the money to buy games that we cover in our What Indie Hell series. Ideally, at some point support via methods like Patreon would allow us to make GigaBoots our fulltime gigs but we're working on improving our quality even more for now.

Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for checking out our Patreon page. We hope you decide to help us in our quest to make the internet a better place and that together we can improve GigaBoots going forward.
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I really don't know how we could ever expect this of you, internet. We basically don't, but if we did hit this goal we'd be able to turn GigaBoots into a fulltime job and produce better and more videos than ever!
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