Gilded Games is creating Minecraft Mods

Human Tier

$1 /mo
Patron Rank

You'll receive the Patron rank on our Official Discord Server so you can show off to the rest of the community!

Angel Tier

$5 /mo
Patreon Feed Access

Gain access to our Patreon feed, which contains exclusive content and blog posts.

In-Game Cosmetics (Developing now!)

You'll r...


Valkyrie Tier

$10 /mo
Additional In-Game Cosmetics (Developing now!)

You will also recieve additional cosmetic perks in-game.

You'll also receive the perks from the Angel tier.

Arkenzus Tier

$15 /mo
Artwork PSDs

You'll receive high-resolution, layered PSDs of Book of Lore artwork. 

You'll also receive the perks from the Valkyrie tier and lower.