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$1 /mo
By request (lots of request) I'll post a recipe a fortnight on my Patreon page, just for patrons! Some will be mine, some historical, and some may even be from whatever fiction I happen to have out...


$2 /mo
Once a month, a sneak preview (by email, no less than 2,000 words) of my current fiction. It could be science fiction, it could be fantasy, or it could be science fiction that looks like fantasy. I...


$4 /mo
My current fiction by email (of course) plus a new essay once a month and a reprint of a hard-to-find essay once a month. These can cover anything from food history to writing gendershifting aliens.


$5 /mo
All the wonderful writing available to the lower tiers, plus the opportunity to choose which topic the next new essay will be on. Once a month I will proffer a selection of subjects and anyone elig...


$7 /mo
This one is for writers. All the wonderful writing available to the lower tiers, plus, once a month by email, one of my teaching aides for writers. Some of these aides will come from my current tea...

Walkers in Strange Lands

$15 /mo
The writing, of course, and the chance to vote on subjects, plus two questions of me (at a time that suits you) a month.

Until the new novel is finished, you get a monthly update on its pro...



$20 /mo
As well as all the wonders of the lower tiers, you get to name a character in the new novel.  From your naming I will develop their cultural background and their personal background – your naming w...