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is creating a podcast discussing and appreciating the music on Gilmore Girls

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About Gilmore Girls Soundtrack

Making a podcast like this takes a lot of hard work. From basic music research to re-watching scenes where Rory or Lane holds a CD and trying to determine what CD that is, specifically -- it's not as if I turn on my microphone and record for 20 minutes per episode and that's it. Each episode takes anywhere from 8-12 hours (sometimes a bit more -- especially episodes with guests!) 

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I want to be able to create an episode of my podcast for every episode of Gilmore Girls, including the 4 new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Netflix episodes... but that is going to take a lot of effort. I need to know enough of you are out there listening to continue...

So... you trust me?

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Once I reach 30 patrons, I will begin recording season 2 of Gilmore Girls Soundtrack. I have the first few episodes researched and written, but finding the time to record them and knowing I can be consistent with weekly releases has been daunting. 
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