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About The Cosmosdex

The Cosmosdex

Welcome to the patreon page for the Cosmosdex, which includes the webcomic known as [Fortuna]. The Cosmosdex is a fictional encyclopedia for the Fortuna universe that allows readers to submit their own creations to it.

Fortuna is a webcomic about a mystical chest by the same name, that lures in crew after crew. The comic includes fourth wall breaking and a cookie based system that allows your choices to be remembered, as well as things such as your name, should you choose to give it, and the time of day.

Both are freely accessible to people right now. You can see the Cosmosdex site right here, which contains both [Fortuna] and the encyclopedia itself, both of which are constantly expanding.


What are the funds being used for?

All the funds provided by this patreon goes into paying for the server the site is hosted on, as well as paying bills. Each bill paid is less time needed freelancing and more time working on the Cosmosdex! If I have any leftovers I will commonly place the funds into commissioning artists to fill the encyclopedia.


What do I get?

Currently we have digital artwork rewards, such as an animated sprite, talk sprite or doodle, and there is one reward for getting your character in the comic! We also have a species gacha, which you can check out over here.

There will also be a few posts which will only be released on the patreon, and patreons will sometimes get to decide what streams happen each month as well as what parts of the Cosmosdex site gets updated with a new entry.

Patreons will also be able to sign up for an account on the Cosmosdex that'll allow you to be ad free!


Thank you for your consideration!

Due to the support we get from this patreon we can currently keep the site running!

If you would like to help support the Cosmosdex we would be honored to accept your support. Thank you so much!
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