Ginger Ramsden - Artist

is creating Pastel and Watercolour Paintings and Digital Art
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About Ginger Ramsden - Artist

Ginger Ramsden

Born in Somerset, England
Lives & works in Dunkeld, Scotland

I’ve been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember and capturing the world around us is my passion. The world has so very much to offer and we have such little time to enjoy it and so I try, through my art, to capture those moments and scenes which make the world feel good.

I use a variety of mediums including Pastel, Charcoal, Ink and Acrylic as well as integrating modern digital technology into my art. Many of my works combine a number of these mediums.

I live in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland in the ancient village of Dunkeld. My work draws huge inspiration from the Scottish highland wildlife, landscapes and blossoms in which I am so fortunate to live and from the wider Scottish national landscape.
I live with my husband, who patiently allows me to drag him around the Country every weekend camera in tow looking for my next perfect scene and my three cats who, well, like to watch and chase any pencil I drop!
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My poor easel is on it's last legs (too much whiskey!) so by reaching $50 I will be able to invest in one that won't collapse, nip my fingers or go crashing over when one of my cats run into it.
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