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About me

I am a professional Character designer and Concept Artist from Spain. I recently finished  my master's degree and internship at an Animation studio. Until I get into industry, I work as freelance digital artist doing commissions for the furry community and working comic projects.

At the moment I work full-time on drawing, so the content will come  frequently, specially sketches and other WIPs. And every tuesday at least one comic page will be uploaded. 

You can suggest me anything here, on Telegram or Twitter

Current project

Project Disarmonia: The Night in Me is a long-term webcomic. The story takes place in the medieval age, in a fantasy universe with anthropomorphic creatures and ravenous monsters. It's a fantastic adventure filled with Action that explores the philosophy of Plato. The structure of this comic is split in different arcs with the point of view of the two main characters, Lilah and Giru.

Between chapters, there will be a special one called "X-(Nº of the Chapter)" that shows a NSFW scene.

Extras: Alternative "Bad-Ends" which are Non-canonical events where one of the main characters ends up dying or defeated.

These last two might not follow Patreon guidelines so they will be uploaded to my Telegram Patreon art channel (PM me for an invitation if you are pledging), FurAffinity and Inkbunny accounts instead.

Other content

Side stories of Projects Disarmonia: Short comics, canonical or non-canonical, that expand lore or just offer arousing situations between characters.

Fanart illustrations and comics you can suggest and vote.


I'm taking this Patreon easy and chill. No Milestones and no Paywalls. All my content will be released to the public a week or two after Patreon. If you want, contribute to my work by becoming a Patron. The more support I get, more content I'll work over time. But if you can't, no worries! Just enjoy the art and thank you so much for being here!

My work includes NSFW content featuring Fantasy creatures, feral and anthro with humanized personalities.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 236 exclusive posts

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