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Being an Art Patron is an act of charity, a GIFT. Traditionally donations from Art Patrons to individual artists and communities were tax deductible for Art Patrons and depicted as acts of MERCY. It encourage the wealthy to support arts, and lower class individuals. Patreon opens up that encouragement to people of all classes. The tax deduction and accessibility gives Patrons the FREEDOM to choose who they donate their money to. Patronage is not a form of employment. It's an act of mercy, a gift. There's no contract. No dental, medical, unless a Patron comes along and says, "Let me help you get your teeth cleaned." I do not get paid per hour. Point is, either party can leave at any time. The Patron contributes what they wish to give. There's no expectations to how much the Patron contributes. Just as the artist contributes, what they wish to create.

While I am giving my writing to Patrons, there is no legal contract which states that I have to. I do so out of GOOD WILL. Because I appreciate your support, just as you financially support me because you appreciate my art. You are not my publisher. I have no deadlines. Patrons provide me the freedom to create art with less stress. To not have to worry about food on the table, or a roof over my head, so that I have more liberties and time to create art. The point of Art Patronage is that it REDUCES stress and gives artists liberties they might not enjoy without financial gifts. I no longer have to work three jobs and write, because I have Art Patrons who give me a roof over my head, at no request of me. Other than the encouragement that I keep writing.

Patreon provides a SAFE PLATFORM. A safe transaction, to receive charitable gifts from Patrons. This is a place I can come to, as an Artist, and not deal with sexual harassment in the Entertainment Industry. If an Art Patron mistreats me on Patreon, I can take their money and tell them to leave. Or I can reject their money and tell them to leave. I'm not in a contract on a filmset where I feel like someone's going to hurt me. There is a level of social distancing, which occurs on Patreon. You, as an Art Patron, can only come as close to me as I allow you to. Which means, if I am having a negative experience from an Art Patron on Patreon, it's because I as an Artist have failed to hold my personal boundaries.

THIS relationship, Artist to Art Patron, is founded on GOOD WILL. It only works, if we treat one another well and have no expectations of each other. This is not a Work For Hire. You are not contracting me to create a specific work for you. Most of you do not know what you want me to write. This is not employment. You are gifting me whatever money or art materials you are wishing to provide me, because you want to. YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A TAX DEDUCTION FOR ACTS OF CHARITY. Providing a financial gift to an artist, through a safe platform like Patreon, is an act of MERCY, and should not be penalizing to the Patron or the Artist. Art Patrons should be allowed to choose where their money goes. That is your personal freedom as an Art Patron. Patreon is a safe environment for Patrons and Artists. It is a place, where we, as individuals, create and uphold our own boundaries.

My biggest boundary is that I want an 18+ Audience. I do not want to have to censor myself for other people. I grew up in a highly restrictive church where I was not allowed to have a voice. I had to constantly censor myself for narrow-minded people. I now have the freedom to publish curse words. I am going to use that freedom, until I get tired of using that liberty.

I currently gift my Patrons access to all my literary works. My Patrons do not have to pay $10 a book on Amazon, BECAUSE I UNABASHEDLY FAVOR MY PATRONS. They can get my books from me, here, because I favor the people who want to see me thrive. I have published over 100 books. I provide my Patrons with a google drive folder that has pdfs and epubs. I try to publish one book a month. If not more. I am not always punctual. I am however very self-motivated. I DO NOT expect a specific financial sum from my Patrons. I occasionally post tiers, because most of my Patrons don't know how much to contribute. They don't know what is socially acceptable. I accept anything. I recommend that you buy my coffee every month. Like a matcha latte or something. Ultimately, I do not have a set financial expectation. I am throwing suggestions at you, because you've asked me to. But I want you to make your own estimates. To contribute what you feel like contributing.

You do not gain privilege to my social life by Patroning me. If I choose to have you in my social life, that is my choice. But you are not buying me. I am not for sale. I do not have expectations of my Patrons.

I DO HOWEVER ASK THAT YOU ENCOURAGE OUR GOVERNMENT TO MAKE PATRONAGE TAX DEDUCTIBLE FOR YOU. The artists should also not be penalized with income tax for GIFTS. In this relationship, you are not employing me. If anything, you are keeping me out of employment, by encouraging me to create art full-time. I am not signed to a publisher. I am a vagabond who has bartered carpentry and survived on volunteer work, in order to keep writing. Having Art Patrons is the first time in my life, where I do not have to hustle and create art. Now I can just create art. That is what being Patroned has gifted me. FREEDOM.

Most of you knew me as a poet or a quirky comedic lesbian erotica novelist. Many of you now know me as a weird eccentric Science Fiction writer. I like to change things up every few years. I have more poetry on the way. Maybe some music in the future. But being Patroned gives me more creative freedom. And that is the importance of what Patreon is doing. Please encourage our government to make Patreon tax deductible for Patrons and to not penalize artists for financial gifts from Patrons. I believe the fact that patronage is not tax deductible on Patreon is because there are a lot of middle and lower class patrons on Patreon. I believe Patreon is being discriminated against, and I feel something should be done about it. Patreon is the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, where a person of any social class can become an Art Patron. THIS IS RARE. This is important. KEEP IT.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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