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YAAY! Your support means the world to me and now you can know me much MOAAR =^.^= 

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About Giu Hellsing


You can pledge any time of the month (until the last day of May) to get all the rewards =^.^= BUT please, READ the rules below first ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Welcome bats! =^.^=
My name is Giulia, but you can just call me Giu!^^ I'm an Arts professor and cosplayer since 2010 and I think I'm addicted haha! I live in Brazil and I just LOVE WHAT I DO... Cosplay, sexy photos and create all these things is my passion. Cosplay changed my life for real, so I decided to dedicate myself more and more, and do my best every single day! <3
I just can't express how much this is important to me <3.
So, yeap, you'll see me constantly thanking you for the support here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Basically, patreon is a membership platform where you can pledge and support your favorite artists and get maaany exclusive rewards in return! IT'S FANTASTIC, I swear ahha! And here on my patreon, you'll get all my content first with high quality, extras and sexy stuff that I can't post anywhere or the internet will ban me 8D jk. And of course, you can pledge just one time too, it's up to you! All donations will help directly to produce exclusive photos, new cosplays, prints, and some fanservice/silly stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!
PLUS: Patreon is a way to know each other even more, I want to know who are my bats!!

You can choose! <3
No matter what reason you support me for, thank you so much for your love and time <3 
And remember: If you aren't able to donate, don't worry pliss!! I'll still be creating content on my other social medias <3 Patreon is like our secret club!!!

• My content is monthly;
• All my sets have around 15-25 high quality photos;
• You can see all the previous posts, but the sets and packs are for monthly access;
I'll send the rewards between the last day of each month/3st day of the next month;
• The link with my sets is unique, personal, only your patreon email have access; 
• Every photo have a invisible watermark, your name and track to avoid any leaks, even the selfies have a track; respect my work;
• Fansigns with your name will be posted on the first week of the following month;
• Old sexy sets are monthy too, I choose different ones of last years;
• Physical pack to level 7 and max will be sent every month together, please wait 1-3 months to receive your pack, it takes a while since I'm from Brazil;
• If you don't want the physical rewards, please write in your address →"only digital rewards"←
• You can request 1x past cosplay set pledging on lvl 4, just PM me around day 25th to request;
• Any refund it won't be possible if you pledged and saw my content;
• You can pledge at any time of the month to get the monthly rewards, or upgrade/delete your pledge (I'll send your sets as well);
• Current patrons will be charged by standard on each day 1st;
• There's no explicit nudity or pornography *here*;
• For max lvl rewards, please talk to me first! <3
I'm the legal owner of the copyrights and content posted here. Sharing and reselling my work is prohibited and a crime. I don't allow any share, reuploading or reposting any of my content in other public website for others to download. These files are for PERSONAL use only. By pledging on Patreon, you agreed with the terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions  [email protected]
And the moost important thing here: I'ts our club! Have fun! <3
With all my love,
Giu Hellsing 🖤

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,038 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,038 exclusive posts

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