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About Gizmo Games Studio

  Who we are?  
Gizmo Games is a small studio, composed by six members: four graphics artists and two programers, who are now attending university.
We are developing a game that take place during the twenties, and the prohibition.

  Why we need you?  
For creating the videogame we need money to buy some lisenses as Android and IOs ones. We Also ask for a modest revenue so we can go on developing the game.
It's pretty simple really: by giving your support through Patreon, we can carry out our project.

  What you get?  
As a patron you will recive many exclusive bonuses when releasing the game. See below for details!

  What really Million Dollar Ganster is?  
Million Dollar Ganster takes place during the twenties in “Greenwood”, which is supposed to be a North American city. And as you know at that time, there was the Prohibition, which causes a lot of individuals to start their own business to traffic with alcohol. In our game, you are basically a grocery store manager, who decided to deal with alcohol to earn money and start a new life.

Million Dollar Gangster is divided into three parts: economic management, car missions and free conduction. They are the three different game additives to reach the same goal, which is to earn One Million dollars.

In your basement you will have your distillery where you create the alcohol that you need for your customers. You will have to improve your recipe in order to manage the money you spend making alcohol and increase your income. That is the resource management part of the game, but the main game is set on a driving environment.

With your grocery’s truck, you will need to transport your alcohol to your customers. For this you will have two dangers against you: time and police.

When police cars see you they start following you and will try to destroy your truck. Every time a police car crashes into you or every time you crash into other cars or building walls you will lose part of your load. If you dont reach the minimum load required at the end of the game you will fail and the customer won’t pay you.

The main goal of the game is to reach 1 million dollars. But as you win money, you can spend that money upgrading your business. For example you can upgrade your truck’s engine, wheels and armor. You can choose either spending your money upgrading or to save the money to reach the

 When it will release?  

We are trying to release a demo in few months.
$9 of $1,000 per Project
Get in while it's hot! When we reach this goal, all the patrons will get some exclusive android and IOs games, developed by us.
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