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About Gkleft Ryda

Hey what's up, my name is Gkleft Ryda and I'm an independent hip hop artist. I have been passionate about music for most of my life and I have been writing songs since high school. I have turned to music during times of struggle and it has always made me feel less alone. I feel the most free when I am creating and it is the one place that I can channel all of my emotions, good or bad. For the past few years I have dedicated myself to perfecting my craft and improving as an artist. I write all of my own lyrics, as well as record, mix, and produce all of my own songs. My manager and I are a two person team and your support would make a huge difference.

If you choose to subscribe to my page, your monthly subscription fee would go a long way. In addition to helping me promote my music to a larger audience, your contribution would help me purchase quality products to sell as merchandise and buy beats that I am truly passionate about. Your monthly subscription would help me further my career and allow me to branch out in my creative field. In return, you will get to take a look at my life and the way I live as an independent hip hop artist. I will provide my subscribers with exclusive home videos, Q&A videos for any questions you want answered, footage from live performances, and a behind-the-scenes view at my mixing/recording process. Patrons will receive sneak peaks of new songs as well as early access to upcoming releases. I will also have free giveaways and discounted rates for subscribers once I get my merch store up and running. From the house to the stage you will get to see it all.

Please join me on my path to something better.
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