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Pages are my honorary helpers and will be recognized accordingly:

  • We sincerely appreciate any and all contributions to our projects. As a Page, your name/username (whatever you're most comfortable with sharing) will be listed in the Credits of some of our projects!

  • Subscribing to the "Page" tier will also net you a personalized "Thank You" Message as well as a fun fact about game development that my Team and I can come up with!
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Squires are bright and hopeful providers for Glass Robot and myself, and they will be recognized accordingly:

  • Firstly, you're entitled to what comes with the rewards of the "Page" tier!

  • Next, you also get a bit more of a shout-out in our projects. For example, you could get to name a character or two in one of our video games. Maybe you could also get to provide a brief statement or message that will be presented in a video/movie project of ours.
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Knights are brave and awesome protectors of Glass Robot and I, and will be recognized accordingly:

  • Firstly, you're entitled to what comes with the rewards of the "Page" and "Squire" tiers!

  • Aaannd you also get to be even more involved with the development/creation process of some projects. For example, you could provide a character design that we'll develop in one of our games. Or you could come up with a whole speaking/discussion point for a video!

How involved you want to be with this process is up to you; we here at Glass Robot will do our very best to accommodate you!




For as long as I can remember, I've been enamored with the video game medium. My name is Logan Cavaliere and I'm a Game Developer who leads a team called Glass Robot. We're learning every day how to improve as developers and designers, and we're working on two main projects:

Tranquil Garden is a role-playing game for PCs that uses fundamental mechanics in order to promote and reinforce different playstyles. Clear Circuits (Working Title) is a simple puzzle game for Mobile Devices that is just meant to be accessible and purely fun.

As individual creatives, however, my Team and I are always working on projects across a variety of media. One of us teaches high schoolers and grade schoolers about video games and how to develop them, another one of us designs creative and unique games almost every day, and another one of us even utilizes game development skills in the field of cyber security.

By supporting me, you're giving us more and more chances at developing excellent projects! You're also giving me the opportunity to directly take on more interesting projects that I'll personally be able to produce more frequently. Glass Robot and I will show you that we have the drive and passion to create, and we sincerely appreciate any and all kinds of assistance.

And to be fairly honest, we as a Team are still working to understand how Patreon even works. Please bear with me as I load this page with all kinds of Glass Robot goodness!!
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With $100 monthly from Patreon, I'll finally be able to start paying my Glass Robot Team Members regularly.

Most of the work that each of us puts into our projects is out of passion alone, so being able to provide financial compensation will go a long way to motivate us and facilitate our efforts.
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