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About Glenntai

Hi, I'm Glenntai. I'm a musician, composer, and producer of music. I got started as a kid after learning a song from Secret of Mana on a keyboard; now I'm going to a music college and working on music for video games, streamers, and my own projects. You may have seen me through projects on Materia CollectiveGamechopsTiny WavesChiptunes=WIN, or you might have noticed my credit in Mega Ran's RNDM NES Cartridge.

I've always been a DIY kind of person, learning what I could so I can further appreciate both the process and outcome of whatever is being created. It's what originally made me interested in music, particularly chiptune music. This soon grew into a fascination with music composition, production, and business. As I saw it, if I could combine my passion for entertainment and my passion for music, I would make a career for the rest of my life.

Along the way, I started streaming my creative process in Famitracker on Twitch. While fun, I noticed that it was not so entertaining for the people that popped in. So I decided to change it up and play video games that I enjoyed, such as Secret of Mana, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer and more recently Sea of Thieves.

So what is Patreon, and what does this help you do?

Patreon is a place for people to help support creators so they can keep making cool stuff for you to enjoy. As someone who has been specifically trying to become a one-person content creation machine for his music and streaming content, a lot of time, money, and energy has been going into making it represent the level of content and interest I have in entertaining people. Your pledges help keep the internet content machine lubricated and help me either fix or replace things when needed and also worry less about the fleeting stressors that come with being a sole-proprietorship.

Simply put, by pledging to this campaign you are single-handedly helping grow something amazing.

Why "extra_thiccq"? Are you selling bathwater, now?

Boy I sure can't wait to edit this section for being an outdated reference to internet subculture.

Extra_thiccq is more than my body shape, believe it or not. It's also how I refer to the way I try to apply myself to anything I do. Everyone has heard of the term "half-assed" or "half-assing" something. Some people have even referred to the opposite of that as "whole-ass" or "full-ass". But when I do something, I don't just dip my toes into the pool; I don't whole-ass anything. I go in extra_thiccq. I don't just learn to use streaming software, I learn After Effects, Illustrator, and Premiere to make sure my visuals are on point. I use my education in music and audio to make sure my audio is crisp, clear and smooth like butter.

I've made one of my missions to never add to the growing collection of mediocrity out there. I want my impact to be big. Not just big; thick. Not just thick, extra_thiccq. So thick you need to spell it with two C's and a Q for the proper amount of emphasis.

With that all said, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out this Patreon campaign. It's been a wild ride to get where I am now, and I only expect it go get crazier from here.
$30.06 of $50 per month
From copyright registration for a song on an upcoming album, to replacing things like cables, my mixer and so on, having $50 come in regularly would be an amazing start to making sure everything comes up Milhouse.
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