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Inspired by PokeRemixStudio, I have been making videos for about seven years, and music for a little over six now. I never thought that the remixes and arrangements I did would be acknowledged from around the world. I get messages daily from people who I have unknowingly impacted their lives in some way. THAT’S INSANELY AWESOME!

This Patreon page will be used to interact with fans. Please do not feel pressured into pledging; nothing will change on the channel except for higher quality content at a faster pace. Downloads will always remain free with the option to support them on either iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. Pledging on Patreon is just another way to say "thank you" for the content pushed out :]
69% complete
There's always room for improvement and one thing that I have come to realize over the years is that you can never be satisfied with the quality of sound. Sound Libraries are an important part of what I do, and if we hit this goal, I will be able to put forth more content on different platforms at a faster rate!
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