Lockstin of Gnoggin is creating Video game theories, reviews, and entertainment!

Level 1

$1 /mo
AdBlock Forgiveness and Discord Access! Let's face it, AdBlock hurts everyone who creates on YouTube, that's why Patreon was created in the first place! At this tier you will have my thanks, and ac...

Level 2!

$2 /mo
Access to the Patreon feed! Which will include some behind the scenes posts, and a spot where you can submit ideas and vote on the topics of future videos!

Level 3!

$5 /mo
Early videos! When they can happen that is. I cant promise all of them early, but I'll do what I can!

At this tier you can see my Patreon posts with links to these videos.

Level 4!!

$10 /mo
Name in the Credits! At this point you are a huge help to keeping this channel alive! You are deserving of a spot in the credits! Because you are extra awesome.

Level 5!!!

$20 /mo
Are you a creator yourself? At this tier I can regularly give advice and constructive criticism, as well as insider knowledge about the workings of YouTube! I love helping others grow their channel...