Halo Quin is creating The Goblin Circus

$1 /creation
*Wall of Fame* Every golden coin is a piece of treasure! This'll get your name on our wall of fame!

$2 /creation
*Snailmail* Thank you postcard? Yes please :) (plus *Wall of Fame* level website thank you)

$5 /creation
*Featured Funder* I'll draw you as your Goblin Circus Character on your postcard! Just tell me who your character is! (plus *Snailmail* level postcard & Wall of Fame)

$5 /creation
*clutter-free* Don't want physical things? Choose this pledge and I'll email a custom sketch of your character instead! (Plus getting on the Wall of Fame, of course!)

$10 /creation
*Star* If you pledge $10 or more per show I'll also post a physical gift to you twice a year - which could include sketches, Circus stories, bookmarks, letters from the Goblins, or other goodies. (...

$25 /creation
*Superstar* Take the *Star* level and get circus gifts in the post each month!  :D (plus *Featured Funder* level level postcard, character sketch & Wall of Fame)

$50 /creation
*Shooting Star* Thank you! Everything at Superstar level, plus a complimentary copy of any major physical items published such as DVDs, books or CDs in the future. (We have grand plans...)

$100 /creation
*Constellation* Woah. You're awesome. This pledge gets everything at *Shooting Star* level, plus a personalised Goblin Circus video performance. We'll have a chat and I'll write something just for ...