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Early pages and Discord!
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You're Part of the Team: You get the warm and fuzzy knowledge that you helped! You also get each Goblins page earlier than the general readership. (How early depends on the complexity of the page.) The version you'll see is the pencilled page with text, before it gets inked and coloured to go live.

You also get access to the "Goblins Speaker" role on the Goblins Discord server, which lets you chat in text and voice channels.
Thank you SO much for your support!

Includes Discord rewards
Pledge $3 or more per comic page
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Page Collector: Every page of Goblins is drawn at extremely high resolution. Unfortunately, converting those pages to a resolution that won't make the site sputter and die, means that, sadly, a lot of the detail is lost. At this level, you'll get those massive, HD quality pages at the same time that they go live on the site. So when Kore's Individual Magic Effect shows all of those creepy, screaming, glowing heads on chains, or when your favourite character gets gruesomely wounded by some horrific monster, you'll see it the way the artist does. (You also get the previous tier rewards.)
Page types: (you get all of these, no choosing necessary)
HD full colour with text.
HD full colour art only
HD full colour with empty word balloons so you can write your own.
HD black and white, no text or balloons, colouring book style.

Includes Discord rewards
Discord Backstage Pass
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Discord Backstage Pass: At this level, you'll have access to the "Goblin Speaker Plus" role and the Backstage Pass private voice and text channels on the Goblins Discord server. Danielle and Tarol will use these channels to share whatever they feel like. You'll get some info before other readers, they'll ask you questions when contemplating new endeavours, and they might answer questions here that wouldn't get answered publicly (no promises; depends on the question). In addition to being able to speak in all the Goblins voice channels, you'll be able to post links, files, and use text-to speech.
(You also get the previous tier rewards.)
Includes Discord rewards
The Postcard
$20 or more per comic page 12 patrons
Once a month (as long as updates number at least one) Tarol and I will mail* you a real-life, physical Goblins-themed postcard, signed by the creators (us).
(You also get the previous tier rewards.)
*Please include your REAL NAME with your mailing address, not a screen or avatar name. Your postal workers don’t all understand, and sometimes mail comes back to us if the recipient is something like “IgSquiggle247”.
Includes Discord rewards