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With this level, you like the content and you never want to miss important updates. 

  • You get to see content before the public does.
  •  You get Patreon Exclusives, to include tools and blogs that Tirra-Omilade only shares within Inner Circle of this Patreon Community. 
  • You will get a shout out in one of Tirra-Omilade's videos as a way for her to show you appreciation for your support!
Spiritual Reading Cipher 1: Monthly
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Monthly Wisdom Reading:  This level is for those who need definitive wisdom to help navigate each month

  • At the Oracle Speaks Level I, you get all benefits from the previous level. 
  • Plus, you will get the  comprehensive monthly reading that I do for the community.  The reading provides wisdom from the African and other oracles as well as astrology to provide a roadmap for you to follow throughout the month. 
  • Additionally, you will get a journal guide and suggested practices so you can make the most of your month with the wisdom.
Spiritual Reading Cipher II: Weekly
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For Oracle Speaks Level II, you are serious about following the guidance of the oracle on a weekly basis. If you want to have a definitive spiritual road map to guide you week by week, then this is the level for you. 

  • You will get all of the benefits from the previous two levels 
  • Plus, you will get weekly readings to include lunar transits, major astro events and wisdom from the oracles.  So you get a total of 5 community readings:  1 monthly and 4 weekly.



About Inner Circle with Tirra-Omilade, The Goddess Guru

Greetings Beloveds! My goal is to make content that inspires you and helps you on your path to Self-Realization and Self-Mastery. I share ancient wisdom from several spiritual traditions and technologies to help newbies as well as seasoned Truth Seekers become equipped with what they need to experience a life full of joy, peace and happiness. 

Patreon levels of commitment: Each Patreon level signifies a level of commitment. This is a commitment to YOU.  When you subscribe to one of these levels, you are making an investment in yourself.  In return I am making a commitment to you to provide guidance, insight and wisdom to help you evolve, grow and step fully into self-realization and self-mastery.

I appreciate any level of patronage and look forward to working with you.  Don't forget that you can request a personal reading with me at my website: I would love to divine on your behalf! 

Adupe! Thanks so much! And may you walk in the TRUTH of who you are!
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Greetings Beloveds!  My goal is to make content that inspires you and helps you on your path to Self-Realization and Self-Mastery.  Ultimately, I want to develop as a teacher and guide so you joining me here in Patreon gives me opportunities to teach and share and to grow in both as well as to support you on your evolutionary path.  So my first year's goal is to share content regularly to include the wisdom roadmaps that are my signature gift.  Additionally, I will be developing  ritual space for us collectively and individually.  And for those who are part of the Spiritual Coaching program, my goal is to make sure that I provide personalized teaching so that you reach your goals:  body, mind and spirit!
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