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A little bit goes a long way and every little bit means so so much <3
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Whether I'm streaming games on twitch or art on picarto I'll give special thanks to my supporters!
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get early access to adoptable batches once a month + a shoutout in my twitch and picarto streams




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I provide a mixed grab bag of content. I'm always looking to expand my canvas and find new ways to be creative and make content for my followers.

What you'll find here
  • Artwork
  • Character designs
  • Adoptables
  • Art Bases and Tutorials
  • Fursuit projects
  • Merch
  • Wips
  • Access to private streams
and possibly more!

With your help, I can make new merch such as charms, enamel pins, stickers, shirts; I can attend more conventions locally and out of state, who knows maybe internationally one day; improve my work station and set up for not just my streams but to make better products and content overall; and most importantly, take care of myself and my pets.

As an independent freelance artist, my creations are how I make a living, so even pledging $1 can make a huge difference and will mean the world to me.

Consider lending your support so I can keep creating for you guys <3
$4 of $50 per month
Food and litter for my cats can be secured along with my meds needed to keep me going!
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