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First I'm a family man, who has a great passion you find precious metals, I love love gold an silver, Love the challenge and the ability to actually buy paydirts from all around the world and find that shiny gold, gold is what dreams are made of, But I'm also here to expose the bad companies that prey on the consumer, sell bogus bags of paydirt or sell bad products, my YouTube channel focuses on reviewing paydirts from everywhere possible. I find sweet awesome bags and sometimes I get skunked but my channel is built for you to use my reviews as references to go out an not get skunked, but get the best of the best paydirt available. We don't only focus on paydirt, we also deal with the silver coin & bullion community all over YouTube, if you ever have a question an it's something I don't know, I have plenty of people who have great insight, are patreon members are welcome to network, your pledge goes deeper into many worlds. We also review an inspect all kind of prospecting equipment an products, we all now branched into the metal detecting world and have linked up with awesome great companies who will do monthly sponsored giveaways on our YouTube channel & Facebook only, This is the place to be, and I hope you really enjoy what were trying to achieve. Now with pledging with Golden paydirts review's, you also pledge your allegiance with becoming part of my family, everyone here are all very special to me an with the Lord by my side I'm sure we can make this the biggest an best family ever, so tell your friends, tell your family an other youtubers, to join us and we can make this the channel everyone wants, THE BEST! Thank you all so very much, yours truly Martin, Candice & Baby Martin JR, can't forget Henry an Bella our Dogs...
$212 of $25,000 per month
Golden paydirts review's Goals! ummmmmm, I have so many goals that's it's hard to list. I want to bring you guys the best of the best paydirts, large buckets of gold bearing paydirt that these sellers offer, to see which one is really worth the money and to make the best upload ever on YouTube. I would also love to get to the traveling goal, to be able to travel all across America and prospect and meet all the best youtubers, make the best segment and share my journey and adventures with all of you guys,  another wonderful goal would be to get all the greatest sponsors which were working with now and produce the best products available to my patreon members first that would be awesome, but using the YouTube platform to show how big we’ve grown and how great these companies treat us, then it's nothing but up from there, also another goal would to be able to hold mega/epic appreciation giveaways monthly with greater prizes for my subscribers, there on (those) platforms not here, we will grow to have the greatest giveaways possible, showing my appreciation is getting harder, but that all grows depending on Patreon members commitment, all members in my patreon Family are able to join/Premium Patreon memberships only. We can easily each any gold we put are heart into. 

Patreon is a site that allows your supporters of your content to support you by pledging a monthly donation, that believe in your content, that enjoy what you do, and I’m a firm believer in sharing my opportunities with those who share there belief in me! Wonderful products, Prospecting equipment, precious metals insight and networking! Also building a friendship!

Thank you everyone for taken part of the golden paydirt family patreon page and let's bypass this goal, and like Jeff would say COME ON LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!

Go check my web site out to help support the channel at
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