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About Good Dog

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"Good Dog" is a true and loyal friend of man and God. Good Dog likes to dig out information - to find just the right prize that satisfies our master's call - to answer when called - and to tirelessly pursue the enemies of man. And, when these enemies are finally cornered (with Truth), to hold them at bay until lawful justice can be employed.

"Good Dog" recognizes that we are at our best when we seek to serve others. And when our intent to 'loyally serve' is married to the real needs of our loved ones - the resulting collision radiates the bright lights of truth and harmony - the very truth and harmony that characterize the very best natures of family and friend alike. Over a lifetime, these collected embers gather in our heart, illuminate all of our experience and understanding - they heal our broken hearts - dispel our strife and conflict - they even make life worth living.

"Good Dog" strives to be your good natured 'friend'. Good Dog attempts to make the point that the tail-wagging love we often reserve for our dearest friends and family is so pleasant when we show it - that perhaps the world itself would become a better place - were we only to share this love more broadly - possibly even unto our enemies. For our retrieved memories of those light-dappled rewards often carry us through our darkest nights of loneliness, misery and despair. And, just as we despair when habitually serving our own wicked masters of self-indulgence and pride - so too do our fellow pack-mates suffer from their own hidden and cruel masters of sin that they daren't show the world. None of us are without sin. All of us require His Mercy and Grace!

But, the world has far more in it than good dogs and sheep - it has a wide variety of predators. Worst among these are predators wearing the false-skins of friendship - sometimes appearing as shepherds - sometimes - even as 'sheep'. But, these predators are monstrous - and, they do not have our better-interests in mind. Recently, one of these predators publicly confessed - 'Lions don't care about the opinions sheep,' when asked about his own corruption. Indeed.

This evening - as you read these words - we do, as a family - as a pack of friends - find ourselves beset all around with similar menacing spirits of monstrous evil - who not only seek to destroy us from within - but to employ our own isolation and sinful instincts against us - all while smiling to our face - assuring us they are 'only here to help'. But, their 'help' doesn't heal nor does their help satisfy - it too often amplifies our own divisions into breed and size, color and character - their objective can only be described as beating us into frenzied and ravenous mongrels - too malnourished, abused and dis-tempered to be safe even in the company of our own young. And, now scattered and socially fractured by their wicked hand - they prey on our pack's most vulnerable (our children, our injured or weak, our old, - even our mates). Apart we become easier prey - first isolated, then hunted down and ultimately torn apart. Sadly, it does no good at all to remind these predators that eventually, even they will be pulled away from their conspirators and mercilessly slain - their governing notion - 'an antelope's got to jump - a lion's got to eat.' Their solitary cries for mercy remain unanswered in the gathering gloom.

Defeating this company of monstrous evil, then, is Good Dog's objective. And - as everyone knows - a good dog alone has limited effectiveness - but, when gathered into a pack - can become an irresistible force for good - especially when given the scent of wickedness itself - so much so, that the real wolves are easily sussed out - even while wearing their skin-deep sheep disguises. Thus together, we shall drive out the bad from the good - doggedly pointing at the 'Fruit' of their behavior - the (hidden) company they keep - the confessions of their mouths – their ‘slips’ of the tongue – for these reveal the inner workings of their hearts – and, together betray their hidden malice. We shall plot the trajectory of their behaviors - and triangulate which amongst out pack has been singled out for destruction - so as to lay out an ambush - and thwart their murderous plans.

Good Dog's tools are sparing: Current Events & Evidence and the Holy Bible ... for the addage that "there is nothing new under the sun" - is not only correct - but, prophetic (as we shall see). And we can often see what is just around the corner - by seeing what has been done in the past.
Thank you for visiting this site - if, after you've been here a while - listened, watched and participated in our ongoing discussions - and witnessed the Power Of The Word in our various pursuits - should you may decide to join us - YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! We'd love to have you join our pack. Please subscribe here (don't forget to click the "bell" so that you can hear this whistle-call of our pack meetings, interviews and discussions)!

God Bless You,

Good Dog.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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