Trey Young

is creating Better lives for homeless and feral cats
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About Trey Young

My name is Trey Young and I am a veteran turned filmmaker living in the bay area. I have always had a passion for all animals, but especially cats. That's why after getting assistance in paying for my little ones leg surgery, I decided to dedicate myself into making cats lives better. 

Currently I am working on population management of a clan in Pescadero, Ca. With the help of the Homeless Cat Network, I have managed to find 13 cats/kittens adopted or foster homes, while getting them fixed. I have conduct TNR (Trap Neuter Return) on 9 other cats/kittens from the farm. 

I usually go out there twice a week and bring all the groups of cats wet and dry food. It's not enough to make them fat, but it keeps them from relying so much on the food the find in the dumpster.
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