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Greetings to new visitors and to all you wonderful Patrons of independent creativity and art! Welcome to this Patreon Page, and Thank You So Much for coming here.
 **(To find the free public music/content I've posted here, you may continue to read through the overview of what I'm offering on this site, and then click on the "posts" tab at the top of the page and scroll down or click load more to find them).

This video (click the word) provides a great overview of how it all works.

This is where a community of generous patrons have gathered to directly accompany me in releasing original music & spoken word, and further to encourage my ability to pilgrimage & explore into the spiritual life and monasticism. New patrons/subscribers/supporters are always welcome. At this time the release of the "Shine Bright" album has been completed, and we have gone beyond into other spoken and musical territory! (How does this work, and why is your subscription important? Please see below.)

  Becoming a patron through this site will give you access to the original music, poetry and spoken word soundtracks I have recorded and have been exclusively releasing here. Your act of generosity encourages and directly supports an important spiritual pilgrimage and direction that I have been deeply engaging since January 2015. Find the button on this page that says "Become a Patron" or one that says "Your Reward", and click it to set up the parameters of patronage that feels right for you.
   As a patron you will get access to listening to and/or downloading each song or poem as it is completed and offered (posted) to the community of registered patrons, along with the stories of their creation and associated photos that I have taken along the journey. Once the "Shine Bright" series of songs are fulfilled and offered to you, I will plan to release further new and old songs or soundscapes, re-mixes, poetry & spoken word, and more of my previously unreleased catalogue of original songs and compositions. My professionally released (solo) catalogue can be found at http://cdbaby.com/cd/gordoaks)
And my catalogue as co-writer, drummer and harmony vocalist with rEvolve Music is here https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/revolve32
Folks who have signed on mid-stream may feel inspired to make an offering for the 40+ previous songs/content already posted here, which you automatically get access to with every level of patronage. If a single sum donation is what you are inspired to, please leave me a note or send me an email at [email protected] (for e-transfer or PayPal transfer), and we will work that out separately. But you won't get the monthly songs, poems and stories unless you become a registered member of the page.
 What is Patreon? A subscription site which is a revolutionary new format in creativity patronage. An artist gets supported for the creations they make as they put in the work and offer it to members/patrons. As I have it set up, the amount that a patron signs up to invest in my work will only be moved from your account once a month, if I post a song/creation to this patron community. Actually, it happens on the first of the month. If I don't post a creation during the previous month, no financial transaction occurs.

THE INITIAL GOAL: 45 members/patrons to give an honourable value - which is based on the time and effort that has gone into creating, recording, mixing, producing and composing the story and photo posts for these songs. However, I am offering these posts regardless of how many people are subscribed at this point. The larger 'goal' could look like 500 people offering $1 per creation, or 25 people pledging $20/creation, 50 people pledging $10/creation, or 100 people subscribing at $5/per creation. Recording a professional ten song studio album, in a lower budget kind of way, usually runs at about $10,000 just for the studio time. This makes each song worth about $1,000 to break even, before mastering, graphics and printing. I have recorded and edited the new tracks using a home studio and plan to only release them digitally, without printing and pressing cd's, so I felt that I could offer these songs conceptually at half price at the 45 patrons goal level.

 (It is important to note that this platform runs in US currency.)

HOW MANY CREATIONS PER MONTH? I'm aiming for 3 creations to be released per month, as I am able to put in time on it and connect with internet as I travel.

IS THIS AN ONGOING COMMITMENT? Yes! But you are in control of that, and you are in control of the parameters of your ongoing investment. It is for as long as you want it to be, until I am able to enter a monastic training, or until I run out of creations for you (whichever comes first). I am releasing these songs as a way to both offer what I haven't offered of my original compositions, and to keep me going as I pilgrimage to monasteries to look deeply into and apply for monastic training. I hope that this music, poetry and the photographs will inspire and serve you well, taking you on a heartfelt musical journey so that you'll find spiritual nourishment and inspiration with each creation.

CAN I PUT A LIMIT ON HOW MUCH I PLEDGE PER MONTH? YES. You are in full control. This means that you can set the ceiling for your total per month expenditure, regardless of your reward level, so you will never go over your budget.

WHY PATREON? Because I have been on the move, and the only thing that can work right now is an online portal. It had also made sustainable financial sense right now to have 45-500 people investing $1, $5, $10 or more per creation than to invest in a stand alone CD project, and then hope to recover the investment somehow later. The online access lets me do this wherever I am, while being away from other work-for-income settings. It provides a steadied, ongoing trickle of income for the creative work I've done and allows me to release the rest of my unreleased original catalogue of songs and creations directly to those who want to support/invest in my art/music/spiritual work. And it allows me to share something of this current spiritual journey as I go.

WHAT IS A "CREATION"? Initially, I have been focusing on original downloadable songs, but now it is more about original contemplative spoken poetry with a soundtrack.


"Shine Bright" (the working title of the new album):

In 2017, before departing home, I recorded most of the parts for an intimate acoustic set of original works. I am working on some of the songs as I go; fixing up, editing, mixing and doing basic mastering. (At this stage it is a self-recorded and self-produced set of songs.) After that, if I have not yet found a monastic training, I will release other songs of more stylistic diversity and experimentation which I had been intending to release as singles with a unique view into the variety of song writing and composing genres I've worked with in my musical vocation. Songs of the journey or new poems may naturally take form as we go, to add to the list of creations.

THE DEADLINE: The push for doing this is partly to make sure I am able to offer my unrecorded/unreleased music into the community in the nearest future possible. Since early 2015 I have been visiting, and applying to enter a first year of training at monasteries in Canada, the USA, and now Europe (and 2017 in Sri Lanka). I feel called to enter a monastic training if encouraging conditions for it emerge. The monasteries I'm visiting are places of quietude, wisdom teaching, focused spiritual practice, meditation and community life. Personal music being played into the space is not an expression that is conducive to these settings, which are set aside for engaging with practices of attentiveness, mindfulness, non-distraction, cultivating presence, calming the busy heart-mind, stilling, and listening for the "Sound of Silence."                                           
Another way to support this musical work is to purchase the "Love Uprising" CD through email and e-transfer. I will then send you a copy from the last 180 remaining CD's. Optionally, if you would rather digital download, go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/gordoaks to purchase, and there you will also find more info on me and the album. There are further links there to my band, rEvolve. We have 3 albums of great music to purchase where I was co-writer/co-arranger, drummer/percussionist, and harmony vocalist. https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/revolve32

  Music has been with me since the beginning, and having more sincerely taken on the vocation of being a musician since 2001, my main work has been the accompaniment of singer-songwriters, music creation, performance, and recording. Over the years, I have offered my musical gifts in service and support to many others in their amazing projects (which I love and cherish and have taken as a main vocational strength). I have also been taking on other work, including practicing as a Shiatsu Acupressure Therapist, Qi Gong workshop facilitator, co-facilitating cultural workshops in schools, and more. Since 2013, it has increasingly made sense for me to begin to base my vocational efforts around recording my own musical works and poetry. It has been my intention and endeavour to offer high quality, sensitive spiritual songwriting and musicianship to make a sustainable living through music. This Patreon platform allows me to offer such service at the present time, more directly person to person, artist to listener, with people who care about what I am up to, this spiritual path, and the music I've created.

In 2014, I was able to record and release my first professional solo album, called "Love Uprising". I released it both on hard copy CD and digitally through http://cdbaby.com/cd/gordoaks
A second set of songs have been readied for creating a second solo album, and here's where Patreon and you (a community of direct supporters/patrons) comes in. With the support of current patrons, I have been releasing this "album" as a set of singles, one song at a time. The format is intimate in it's sound, production and storytelling. Releasing musical creations to you through this Patreon platform allows each song to be offered with reflections on where the song came from, the context story behind the song, and it very importantly allows a direct income stream to happen in nearly real time as I do the creative and logistical work of releasing them to my Patron supporters.

Recording has costs, takes focus, planning & implementation skill, rental of recording equipment or studio time, and a dedicated space of time in a quiet place. Writing music also takes significant time to contemplate life experiences, emotions, a specific theme, and listening quietly & closely enough to hear the song emerge from the silence for interpretation into manifest form. From the artistic space to recorded product, the completion and releasing of these new songs/recordings/poems bring a fulfillment, a letting go and release to me, and I know they will deeply serve those who hear them.

"Love Uprising" felt like a life's work documentation of songs that I had written over a period of 15 years. It was a huge undertaking for me. I have felt very proud of the detailed energy I was able to dedicate to the professionalism and heart of that recording. It took a lot of time and very concentrated preparation, detailed listening, mental/emotional exertion and patience. It was the quality of focus time available, the support of key people, and the $12,000 of funding that came in which allowed for this to happen successfully, without debt.

We may consider this current format as a practice of trust and generosity, or as an exchange of gifts/talents/resources/product for those who feel the value in supporting those of us who kindle the musical muse as vocation, for those who value the kind of folk-pop-rock-intimate-heart musical expression I conjure, and who want to honour the particular movement of spirit which I am dedicated to listening to in my life. I know that the words and music that The Muse and this Heart bring to me, through dream time and waking state, is of deep service and of transformative value to others. People have been telling me their experiences of inspiration, emotional resonance, and healing in what I create and how I interact with the world. This shows me that it is important to bring these songs and new recordings together in order for people to have access to these original works.

Patreon is an excellent and safe automated way you can offer an ongoing monthly or per-creation amount. At this time I am making use of the per-creation option. Please browse the Rewards section on this page for further details.

With Great Gratitude for your interest, support and investment in this endeavour,
Gord Oaks
19 of 45 patrons
45 community members/patrons. This is the true goal for us to reach. This level will go far in helping sustain me with the work and costs of life, and bringing these creations to you. With great thanks for your accompaniment on this journey!
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