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    Hi Friends-

    Who am I to ask you to follow me down this new path?

    Maybe you watched me make a fool of myself dressed as Rodney the Rodent on Groundhog Day for 16 years in South Bend, Indiana. Or, maybe you enjoyed the morning show I was a part of there as I attempted to be a weather guy, and not a meteorologist...Good God, didn't the world already have enough meteorologists?

    Apparently not.

    Well, this is something new and different...this Patreon thing. I like new and different. I've done podcasts and blogs before, but maybe they missed the mark because I never could get a good handle on what people wanted to get from me. They missed "TV Gordy". Yeah, sometimes I did, too...but, that's another story.

    I've learned from experience that people that know a little bit of my history on local TV and radio want to know a bit of what goes on behind the scenes, but more than that, they wanted to get a more real sense of who I am, or who I was...I was reluctant to go there before..but, not anymore. Times have changed. I have changed, too.

    And, it is...right here, right now, warts and all...Talk to Gordy is a podcast with new episodes each Tuesday and Friday...Who I really am and what I really think, hopefully with a some feedback from you listeners...let's have some fun!..yeah, like that. 

    It's just me...Gordy.
    $0 of $1,000 per month
    I want to make this fun for you and for me, so I'll be sharing my perspective on anything and everything that I experience every week through podcasts, blogs & web videos. These days there's a lot of serious stuff swirling around, and although I'm not about to ignore it, I also think lots of it is absurdly funny. We live in interesting times, so we've got to talk about it. So, I'm looking for my first 1000 supporters to cough up $1 per month...that's like 3 or 4 pennies a day. I've bet you've got that hiding in your couch cushions or car seats, right?...Let's have some fun, sign up!
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