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Rick Bennett is the creator of Gospel Tangents, looking for people interested in Mormon history, science and theology.  If that describes you, I think you will really enjoy this podcast.We talk with the best scholars in the world on Mormon history, science, and theology, regardless of their affiliation with the LDS Church.  The idea here is you don't even need to be LDS to enjoy this podcast, just simply the church started by Joseph Smith.

Even if you are Mormon, or Community of Christ, or Remnant Church, or Fundamentalist, etc. I think you will find a lot of interesting things here.  We're not just catering to active Mormons, although certainly I am an active Mormon, and certainly active Mormons are welcome, but we're interesting in teaching never-Mormons, ex-Mormons, Jack Mormons, inactive Mormons, or you don't even need to be Mormon to enjoy this, as long as you enjoy Mormon history, science, and theology.

We're going to hit all the tough topics:  Polygamy, DNA & the Book of Mormon, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the black priesthood/temple ban, to name just a few.  We are going to hit them head-on.  We're not going to sugar coat anything, we're not going to destroy faith, we're not going to bear testimony.  We're not going to put up with anti-Mormon people here.  The idea here is to create a safe space, where we can talk about Mormon history in an objective way as possible.  All history is subjective, but we're going to try to be as objective as possible with the best history, the best science, the best theology, everything like that.  If that sounds interesting to you, this is going to be a fun podcast.  I think you will really enjoy this.

The idea here is we are starting a new Patreon page at Patreon.com/GospelTangents.  For those of you who think my interviews are too short, and I know there are some of you out there, this is the way where you can get the whole interview, no breaks.  Our first interview here with George Throckmorton is 2 hours long.  If you like those longform interviews without all the cutups and breakups, this is for you.  If you can support us here at Gospel Tangents here on Patreon for $5/month, you can get the whole interview uncut, with minimal editing, that would be great.  Or if you want to purchase a transcript, go to either gospeltangents.com/shop, or our Amazon page at https://amzn.to/2K2tI3c for a paperback. (If you subscribe on our website at GospelTangents.com for $10/month, you'll be the first to receive these transcripts as they are completed.)

Please support us any way you can.  Through your support, we can create classes to talk about the Mark Hofmann bombings, polygamy, the black priesthood/temple ban, or whatever you are interested in.  We want to create good history, good science, good theology, and we want to do it in a way that is acceptable to both members of faith as well as members of non-faith.  We are not looking for a lot of bashing, or testimony bearing.  We want to create a respectful atmosphere.

Thanks again.  Please support us here.  My name is Rick Bennett, and please support us here at Gospel Tangents.

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