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About Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! Podcast

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Patreon page! I'm glad you’re here and want to support the show! My goal has always been to provide a show that's entertaining, educational, and inspirational. I believe I am accomplishing this through the exceptional guests and interviews, as well as through the Make a Difference/Make an Impact Segments.
The response and feedback I’ve received about the show has been incredible. It really moves me on a deep level, having heard from so many people about what they’ve gotten out of the show, and how much they enjoy listening to it. It has far exceeded the expectations I had when I started it, and for that I am beyond grateful.
As you know, I have never charged a fee for listening (I wanted to provide a great show that’s free to the listeners), and have intentionally stayed away from sponsors, as I didn’t want to over commercialize the show (I have considered taking on sponsors and am not completely shutting that door but for now I still feel this is the way I want to go).
So since you’re here, I’m assuming you have enjoyed listening to the show and feel it has provided value for you. I am very happy that we are connected through the podcast and hope we can make that connection even deeper.
Please take a look at the categories/levels of support and the “perks” you receive in each (BTW, the catoagories are just suggestions-feel free to support with any amount you can (even 1 dollar). The “perks” aren’t there to entice you to support (I’m hoping that if you’re here you are already interested in supporting the show), they are merely my small ways to say thank you...
As I continue my journey with the podcast, I will to continue providing interesting, insightful, and entertaining episodes with great guests. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!
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When I reach 25 patrons I'll do a podcast episode(s) with patrons only as guests/interviews. 
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