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A personal Shout-Out on my Youtube Channel for one video of your choice. Ex. You support me with $1.00 and get this reward. I will begin or end the video covering you, my supporter and saying your name. Giving you a vocal thank you that will be uploaded to youtube as a part of a guide or other video content you choose. Whether it be a cosmetic look through, gameplay, or a guide to deck building on Paragon. I will add a shout out of your name or nickname (if you prefer) in it. The shout out will likely be no longer then 15 seconds as I don't want to weight down video lengths with drawn out replies to support.




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About Grand Productions

By supporting me you allow me to release better and more frequent content. I can cover more guides on Paragon heroes and their decks. I can spend more time addressing content like patch notes or cosmetics. 

If you like my attitude when gaming, then your support also supports my goal of bringing a less toxic attitude to gaming. Because I truly want to share my opinions and knowledge on how to improve your outlook of gaming.
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If I am able to gain $15 a month, I would be able to strike a monthly license with Monstercat for 800+ royalty free songs to use in my youtube videos and twitch streams. This allows me to add a plethora of music to add to my videos in order to spice them up! I believe in helping all content creators. So I like to be legally correct so I don't get taken down or run into any trouble. Monstercat is an electronic dance music record label, one I personally believe treats its artists and audience well. So please, if you want amazing music from talented artists in our videos, please donate!

This is taken from their site: 


A Monstercat License is a monthly subscription that allows content creators to utilize the Monstercat Catalog on YouTube and Twitch. This removes all existing and future Content ID matches allowing content creators to earn 100% of their channel advertising royalties.
A portion of your License subscription goes directly to the artists for each track you stream or download! We believe in generating new revenue streams for artists and this is a great way to fairly support content creators and musicians alike!
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