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per token set or map
  • Everything from previous tier.
  • You can comission individual unique token for your character and i'll do it personally for you. This is a monthly benefit!
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Hello there and welcome to my patreon page. My name is Vladislav (also known as Grantovich) and i am a former history teacher from Russia. Tabletop RPGs and wargames are my main hobby and considering my profession its obvious which theme of my games is most relevant. Historical pen-and-paper games requires art assets depicting authentic places and uniformed people so i decided to draw all of these by myself. 

My stuff is all about historically authentic places, people and vehicles. But sometimes i can dig into something like warhammer 40k or even fantasy. Everything that has already been released is being supported by constant patching - im trying to keep my old stuff up to date with my growing skill and standards. 

Join me in my effort to make an ultimate collection of historical maps and tokens for your tabletop usage by becoming my patron! It would be highly appreciated since i quit my job and  i'm currently making a living only with drawing stuff for you folks.

If you are new to Patreon, this website allows you to make small donations "pledges" per month or per creation to your favorite content creators, artists etc.

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  • 1$, 2$, 5$,10$ or 25$ per creation. I will try to make 2-3 creations per month
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  • You wont be charged above that monthly pledge even if i make more stuff to pledge for.
  • Some of the benefits require you to support certain ammount of posts monthly. 

About commissions and how do they work:
Since charging up front is not a thing in a per post patreon monetization model, everything is based on trust and kindness here. To commission something, you should become a patron on a respective tier:
- Starting from a sarge tier (5$) you have an option to commission me a single token per month.
- With short-timer tier (10$), you can commission me map or token set with up to 5 tokens in it. You should support at least two creations per month to make such a request. It's a monthly benefit!
- The Colonel (25$) tier will give you an option to request a full fledged commission (A couple of maps or some dozens of tokens, my sets are usually 15-20 tokens each), as with the short-timer tier you should support at least two creations per month to have this monthly benefit.

I don't have any priorities about what to do first, usually i just pick random stuff from my schedule. We can discuss priorities if they're important but it's much more convenient to work on everything that was commissioned by patrons without any haste.

There's no hard certainties in abovementioned rules and we can always discuss any other options! Contact me in discord if you have any questions

You can also remove your pledge at any time without any problems. Pay what you want, whenever you want.

If you cant afford to be my patron, just join my discord server for updates and some chat. Become the member of our cosy community!

You can also support me on Roll20. 

$341 of $600 per token set or map
With this ammount of money i'll constantly pay somewhat decent money to my programmer for his awesome job. 
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