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The many types of existing computer graphics -- simulations, games, VR/AR applications, WebGL, etc. -- let us move in virtual spaces and create virtual objects with precisely defined behavior/characteristics. Now it's time to create a meta-space through which we can potentially navigate to anywhere and perform any function. We need a system that facilitates intelligent integration/interconnection of our vast but still-largely-separate stores of knowledge. We need a platform, an environment, a set of standards, that helps us share, explore, converse, and create with maximum ease. We need GOD: graphical online discourse.

Contributions/investments eternally appreciated! I'd love to be able to devote myself to this endeavor in a full-time capacity. And I'd love to hear from anyone who'd like to collaborate on building a smarter Internet.

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Graphical/universal interfaces, filters, filter bubbles, artificial intelligence, global mind (January 2017)
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Mobile, semantic, social, graphical, intelligent Internet (September 2010)

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