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About Grassroots #YangGang

We are Russell, Elasa and Zephaniah and we are the GrassRoots #YangGang. Lifelong conservatives and Trumpers, we now dedicate all of our time to one goal: The election of Andrew Yang to POTUS. Why did we make such a dramatic change? Because the problems that led to the election of Donald Trump were never properly identified.

Until now... By Andrew Yang. 

His vision for this country is one of unification. One of Humanity First. We agree and that is the vision we fight for at GrassRoots #YangGang.

It is VITAL that channels like ours have the support of awesome people like you, who are willing to back the creative endeavors that society places so little value on. 

So THANK YOU Yang Gang! 

Russell, Elasa, Little YangGang

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