Grateful Living Creations

is creating Leather, crochet, & various other creations
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$5 of encouragement!

This tier encourages us to come up with new ideas & collaborations

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This tier helps us get supplies we need for new ideas & upcoming projects 

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This tier helps us gain better materials for our creations. Each patron for this tier will get a tagged shout out on our Instagram story once a week (4 times every month supported) 

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Each patreon for this tier will recieve clothing design named after them along with a free mini gift & a discount code 

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Each patreon for this tier will recieve a free creation/gift each month they are supporting 

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All of this tier will be donated to a local cause in the  area we currently reside  during submission.  Patron will gain access to exclusive pictures & information about how they made a difference in the community 




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About Grateful Living Creations

Hi there, we are Grateful Living Creations!
We are a small two person creation team.
We specialize in crochet/fiber art & leather working but we dabble in many other arts such as multi media sculpture & painting. 

When we first opened our shop, I think one of our main goals was to be able to spread love & positivity to the world throughout our work,  have a way we could actively support other small businesses & also be able to do what we love while we travel & explore this amazing earth & try to make a positive impact along the way. 

We do commissions, ready to ship orders, trades, promote other businesses, & do donation events where 100% of proceeds from the online auction, sale, or event go to a certain cause. 

Each donation goes towards helping us pursue our biggest dreams, make bigger moves to help the communities around us while traveling, & encourage & give other's the tools to do the same. 

Without all of our amazing support system & wonderful customers we could not possibly make any of this happen. Our customers mean the world to us & we try to connect, interact with, & send appreciation goodies as much as we possibly can.

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