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“Every day above ground is a good day.” ~ Al Pacino

Have you ever heard the one about how there are only two things that are certain to us?

The first one being that we are all subject to some form of taxation and the second is that one day we WILL all die.

Hello! My name is Tee Bylo and welcome to MY world as the Graveyard Squirrel!

As a genealogical researcher I can often spend a lot of my time grappling with the mystery of death for if I’m not in search of a missing ancestor on behalf of a client – I can be poring over the details on a newly discovered (and often indecipherable!) certificate of death or else trawling through parish records in search of a burial entry or firing off email inquiries to the Registrar of a crematorium.

However, if you struggle with the thought of death – MY world is probably NOT for you!

As I love nothing more than a ramble through a cemetery and have been pottering among the tombstones for as long as I can remember - I will be sharing the tales and triumphs of family history and the images and podcasts of my wanderings among the dead.

It was the author Lailah Gifty Akita who said that - “The graveyard is an everlasting home of every man” and within most of our cemeteries - evidence of spectacular craftsmanship, awe inspiring stonework, history, sublime words of poignancy and the occasional flashes of humour are ALL just waiting to be discovered!

Although I love what I do - to survive with a diet of hope and fresh air is sadly impossible and the podcast equipment, camera and research I use to share my stories as the Graveyard Squirrel costs money and if it didn't - I would either be crawling over hot coals to get to this 'Land of the Free' or I'd be spending time at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

ALL of which has brought ME to Patreon...

Beginning with a monthly pledge from only a $3 which is charged to your card straight away and on the 1st of every month following - you will be able to cross the portal into MY exclusive world and with access to my Patreon musings, you can join me as I take a unique wander among the dead!

AND as a 'Thank you'  - there are also lots of unique rewards to enjoy including exclusive 'behind-the-scenes' images, giveaways, podcasts and anniversary gifts and all with the freedom to cancel or amend your pledge at any time.

See you on the other side?

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