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Starting from June 2020, you will be able to submit your Adventure to How to be a Great GM and stand a chance to have it reviewed live on the 'Live Sessions with a GM' show each Sunday. Guy will provide critical feedback on the adventure, how to improve it, how to work out areas which could be tricky, and also celebrate your creativity. 

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I’m Guy Sclanders and have been playing RPGs since 1989. I started the How to be a Great Game Master channel a few years ago, together with my good friend Derrick (aka the Web Goblin) and a few others who've subsequently moved on. We decided to get together and build the channel to create a space for the role players to learn and grow. That was in February of 2016, and I am proud to say we have grown the channel from a handful of videos to over 400 videos and counting, one DrivethruRPG gold selling RPG supplement book - The Complete Guide to Epic Campaigns, dozens of modules, podcasts, let's plays, and who can keep track of everything else! In short, we are dedicated to making material that will help you and your games. 

Patreon is essentially a place where you can support a creator financially as a way of saying thank you for the awesome content they make for you. At certain levels of support you will also get material from the creator - sometimes. In our case - you get maps, podcasts, and modules. 

We would really appreciate your support and even if that isn't through becoming a Patron but by liking, sharing and subscribing to our Youtube Channel, that's awesome too. The point of Patreon is that we will still be making most of the content freely available, but if you want to, you can support us and get rewards for that support.  

Well because as much as we love doing this and creating all these videos, it does take a lot of time and effort. We do enjoy, love, and are passionate about making videos and will continue to do so into the far future. To do this Guy has gone full time on the channel - giving up his career in television for this one - he is happy to do so. The Web Goblin still works a regular day job, and does all his magic after hours. We can only do this because of your support.

If you look at what we produced a year or two ago versus what we do now, I think you'll see that the amazing support we have got thus far as done wonders for the material, and with more support, and continued support will only grow into so much more. 

This is always the hardest part of the patreon rewards section. Each month we ask - what do you want in return - and seldom do we get specific answers. So, to that end, we've had to come up with rewards that we hope will repay your generosity in some way, and will be of use to you in your own games. If you look to the support tiers  alongside this you'll find all the solutions we came up with. And if you don't like them, or feel they don't help you improve your game, please let us know, we love feedback!

You are totally welcome to stop, start or never give us money. It's up to you :) We will never judge or be upset, as we know real life is important and would never want to put you in a place where you are choosing between us and two minute noodles. Pick the noodles, trust us we have all been there *Web Goblin coughs pointedly* Please remember you can stop being a Patron at any time; you aren't locked into anything. Equally so you can start giving us money at any point :) We are flexible like that.

Thanks for your support, in whatever way you give it, comments, shares, subscribes and possibly Patronage.
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At this point we are covering all the costs of the channel, and of Guy being full-time on the channel. We can know for certain that the channel will continue to flourish and grow. We can also reduce trying to raise funding through sponsorship's.
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