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About How to Be A Great Game Master

My name is Guy and have been playing TTRPGs (Tabletop Roleplaying Games) since 1989. I started the How to be a Great GM YouTube channel a few years ago because I realized that with my background in Film and Television Scriptwriting that was a lot we could learn from and drawn into our roleplaying games. The YouTube channel has been a phenomenal success and clearly my ideas on merging the cinematic and the roletastic (I couldn't resist, forgive me) universes' has worked. I bring all my training and knowledge from the entertainment industry and combine it with my experience and passion in roleplaying to education and inspire you to get more out of your game, and have even more fun whilst playing our wonderful hobby. 

The Technical: Patreon is essentially a place where you can support a creator financially as a way of saying thank you for the awesome content they make for you. At certain levels of support you will also get material from the creator - sometimes. In our case - you get maps, podcasts, and modules. 

The Actual: If you'd said to me a few years ago "You need to learn how to be a better GM or player", I would have laughed and said that it was a hobby and what could I learn to make it better? Well, I was wrong. Everything I thought I knew about the game has improved since I started on this educational journey. How I plan my games, how I run my characters. What I look for in other GMs or Players. At the fundamental level I think I knew a lot of this, but it was only when it was articulated and committed to paper that the light really clicked for me. Things I took for granted, perceptions that I'd had, all have changed for the better.

If it helped me have a better, more enjoyable game then it can work for you too. Why struggle and put in more work than you need to? There are so many ways you can have fun whilst doing the 'boring' stuff. This is my patreon, but it is for you.

We always strive to bring you the best material we can to help you improve your game. We only have a few tiers - for a reason. We know that times are tricky, and we know that our routines have been changed. To that end we offer you a weekly Podcast where I talk about things related to being a good storyteller or player. Topics range from archae-anthropology and why Orcs would win to reading out and adding in annotations to my books.

Higher tiers get the monthly worksheet - following a year long curriculum that I've designed to help enhance your GM experience. Some of it you may already know, but the exercises contained in each worksheet may just inspire your next campaign!

As much as we love making videos (over 500 now), and writing books, and recording podcasts, and running games, and interviewing others... it takes a lot of time and effort. Guy has gone full time on the channel - giving up his career in television for this - and he is happy to do so. Who wouldn't want to live the dream? But reality is a harsh master and whilst the dream might be awesome, the rent is due. And the equipment for the studio. And not having sleepless nights. 

Guy isn't alone. To make this small company work, the Web Goblin still works a regular day job, and does all his magic after hours. The Marketing Goblin - a recent member of the team - has jumped in too, she is making all the things possible and she too needs to eat. 

We can only do this because of your support.

Patreon is about giving when you can. Supporting creators like us is a luxury that not many can afford. Please always choose to support us only after you can support yourself. The key to patreon is: as long as you are getting something in return (and our hope is an improved roleplaying experience) then we are happy for your support. The moment you feel like you're not getting anything from the channel, let us know first. Maybe we can help or adjust - we need feedback to understand all of this! And if it still doesn't feed your soul, then please stop. 

Thanks for your support, in whatever way you give it, comments, shares, subscribes and possibly Patronage.
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Guy aka Great Game Master
Derrick aka Web Goblin
Lauren aka Marketing Goblin

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At 500 patreons we will be able to focus on producing books that will help your game and bring great joy from your TTRPG experience. 
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