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About Greater Boston

What is Greater Boston?
Greater Boston is a bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area, blending the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical, the dramatic and the comic. It is a story of the Boston you know, the Boston it once was, the Boston, we might wish it could be; a Boston where Wonderland is still an amusement park, the Spectacle Island trash fire is still burning, and the North End still has molasses in the streets. It is the story of a radical plan—a state-wide referendum to release The Red Line from its bureaucratic tether, and to establish a city of Red Line, incorporating all its trains, tracks, and stations, and tunnels into a single mobile municipality.

You can listen at! You can also find us on iTunes, PocketCasts, or most other podcatcher apps.

The show is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason. It is a love letter to our city as much as a satire of it; a celebration of our community and an affectionate ribbing of the people who comprise it, ourselves included.

Greater Boston is a work of many hands. Alexander and Jeff are responsible for the writing and production, but it would just be words on paper without the assistance of the many people who contribute their various talents throughout the production process. More than two dozen actors appear in our show, in various large and small roles; six musicians (most of our music is original recordings); and of course Marck Harmon, our recording engineer, devoted countless hours to making sure we had good, clean recordings of all of it to work with.

The State of Production
We've been working hard on Greater Boston since late 2014. We've completed our first two seasons, both featuring 12 full-length episodes (Season Two also had six mini-episodes.) During our hiatuses between seasons, we release mini-episodes to tide listeners over, although they're released at a slightly slower pace than our regular episodes. We're currently in the middle of our third season, which has 14 full-length episodes, one of which is a double episode. There are three mini-episodes that break up the middle of Season Three. It's our biggest season yet! Also, just to be clear, we do not charge our Patreon patrons for mini-episodes, only full-length episodes. 

We are serious about what we're doing, with a solid buffer of completed work, a clear and realistic production schedule, and a commitment to giving our listeners a consistent experience and release schedule; there will be no delays or late episodes. New episodes will be released every other Tuesday until the season is done. (And there might be some special surprise episodes in between!)

How We'll Use Our Funds

Existing Expenses
The work we've done so far has already incurred expenses: microphones, mic stands, soundproofing material, web hosting, file hosting & distribution, promotional material etc. Some of those expenses are ongoing. Your support will offset those expenses, which in turn makes it easier for us to continue producing the show as it is.

New Equipment
More/better microphones. Mixing boards. More advanced mixing software. Maybe even our own dedicated recording booth, in order to produce cleaner, more professional recordings. Making these technical improvements will contribute directly to the quality of the show itself—and we want to produced the best, most professional-sounding show we can!

Support our Performers
All of our actors, musicians, and technical assistants have graciously contributed to the show as volunteers, and we are tremendously grateful to them for their contributions. Unfortunately, none of our performers can eat gratitude, so we'd really like to thank them properly—i.e. with actual money that they can trade for goods and services. A paid cast is better able to continue performing, and to commit to appearing in future seasons. Plus, we'll be able to hire additional professional actors for Season 2 and beyond.

Support the Creators
Jeff and Alexander both would love to be able to devote even more time to producing the show, but that means signing up for fewer extra shifts at our day jobs. Your support for the show will make it possible for us to do just that.

What You'll Get in Return for Your Support

More Seasons of Greater Boston
We love producing Greater Boston, but it's a huge project requiring many hours of work by many busy people. Your continued support helps us keep the show going.

Behind the Scenes Access
Depending on your level of support, you can receive behind the scenes production updates, creator commentaries, early transcripts of coming episodes, and even bonus audio including outtakes and alternate takes.

Air Time
More generous donors can receive a thank you or promotion in the closing or opening credits of the show.

Additionally, as we pass funding milestones, additional bonuses will be released to everyone, including custom ringtones from the show, bonus mini-episodes, and even extra full-length episodes.
78% complete
Holy cow, you guys are awesome! We can start paying our cast and crew respectable rates, and can afford to devote even more of our own time to the work we love.

To thank you, we will write and produce not just one bonus monologue, but a full episode of bonus material, expanding the world of greater Boston with new characters and new stories!
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