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About Lyle's Study Guide for the Literal Interpretation of the Bible for Dumb Dumbs

How to Use This Guide!

Each post will detail a small portion of The Bible (the King James version). It should be read in conjunction with the original text to help you understand the source material. It's a really big book so there will be a lot of posts. Just be thankful I'm not charging by the post! The first section of each post will list all of the stuff that is actually in The Bible. It's what you have to believe to believe it literally. It's the inarguable facts! After that, there will be some study questions and other activities to help you understand God's word. You should always keep in mind that I'm doing a literal reading of someone else's translation since I can't read Ancient Hebrew! You should expect a lot of errors translating a thousand pages of scripture across hundreds of years and myriad languages, so the scripture I'm working with probably isn't even close to the original anymore! You should always read your King James Bible with a few dozen grains of salt and a pinch of pepper.

Each post can be printed and used for the classroom. I suggest you use it on 3rd Graders for maximum effect. You can scary it up if you're trying to get them to believe! Send any pictures you or your students draw in the Drawing Time! sections to me so I can put them in a public post for all the Internet to cherish and probably some of the Internet to mock relentlessly. But feel good knowing that the latter group will burn in Hell. I think. I haven't read any part of The Bible that deals with Hell yet so I'm only basing that on what I've heard.

Enjoy! Or study hard! I think learning about spirituality should be somber!
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When I hit this goal, I'll begin doing commentary on the Quran concurrently with The Bible commentary. As if I'll ever hit this goal! Um, I support the troops! Go Jesus!
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