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Nice, I like monies. Every small donation is a token of gratitude extremely important to me, and every monthly subscription is a sign I am doing well and could do even better.




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About GreenSlime

>What's this place?

Hello! I'm GreenSlime and this is my patreon tip jar. I'm a pixel artist, specializing in fine art of hentai. Currently I work (for free!) as one of pixel stackers for a game called Vore war, go check it out (it's free!), but i'm interested in doing much more - ranging from the dark depths of vore to shining peaks of vanilla handholding. But you're here not for the shining peaks, am I right?

>And why are you doing this?
I want to earn money not working on some random dude, but providing fellow dwellers of the vast internets with sufficiently weird porn. It has always been my calling and my mission in life - and with the magic of Patreon I finally can realize this dream!

>So, what should I expect?
First of all, weird shit. But in all seriousness, I can draw:

-Lewds - Self-explanatory. 
-Vore - Currently my main occupation - sprites for aforementioned Vore War.
-Males, Females, Herms, Ferals, Demis, Anthros - I do it all, in any possible (and some impossible) combinations. 

I'm considering:
-MUGEN edits - Something I done before, but never made public. Unless I get a MUGEN coder somewhere it's mostly gonna be compatibility edits and maybe a redraw or two.
-Animations - They're a lot of work, but they're a lot of fun! But they're a lot of work ;_;
-Other stuff - I don't really know what else i'll be drawing, so i'll put it under "other stuff". Non-lewd character art, maybe pixelarty roll20 tokens... Probably gonna set up another patreon for those, to protect people having innocent fun of slaying goblins from dark terrors of laying goblins.

I won't draw:
Things not compliant to the Harkness test - There are limits to xenophilia. And no, "but she's 600 y/o vampire dragon!" is not an excuse.
Scat - Sorry, but nope.
GTS/Extreme size difference - This one's a softer no, but i'm not interested in that in general. 
Ponies - Even Harkness Test issues aside, nope.

if there's something not on this list, feel free to ask me.

>And why do you deserve my money?
Hell if I know. But there's that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfction you get when supporting a starving artist, or you might even enjoy what I am doing. 

Payments are changed up front. This is pretty irrelevant right now, though, as I don't have patron-only posts and it's how tip jars work, but I feel like pointing that out.

Me setting up Patreon doesn't mean I'm stopping working on Vore war - that thing's a labor of love (and probably the reason you found this page in the first place). 

All my posts will forever be public - paywalls are for jerks. If i'll be adding tier benefits it will be additional votes in polls and commission slots.

Since Patreon guidelines do not allow for NSFW posts to be public, anything I post here will also be posted on my Pixiv.
$28 of $100 per month
The Hundredbux

At this point it's obvious some people like my stuff enough to keep paying, so this will turn from simple tip jar into more of a commitment.

+ an assortment of static pixelarts! 
+ A nomination at the start of the month and a poll at the end of the month to decide who will be the (un)lucky characters in those pixelarts!
+ Second tier where you get to request a static pixelart (either a single pose or before/after) of a character you like!
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