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About GreenXenith


You found my Patreon page.
Who am I and what do I do?

I make Minetest mods. All of my mods are released on the Minetest Forum and the Content Database. I will, however, post sneak peaks of WIP mods here.

I host and run the Undercore Minetest Server.
Undercore is a steampunk/magic-themed world with lots of custom features, which you can play at
Join the chat at #undercore-united on Freenode IRC or on Discord.

I am the creator of MinetestBot for Discord (not the IRC bot).
MinetestBot is an open-source, Lua-powered Discord bot. View the source code here.
I host an instance of MinetestBot for my own servers, as well as the Unofficial Minetest Discord server, and will host it's site to provide other server owners with access to MinetestBot and it's functions, all for free.

I use Blender to make 3D renders and animations, as well as some novice VFX work. I will have website with my portfolio up eventually where you can find my previous works. Sneak peaks of current works will be posted here (as well as commissions maybe?).

Sometimes I post videos on my YouTube channel.
I post things like animations, time-lapses, modding snippets, etc.
I will likely be more active on the platform soon.

And a few other things

I do pixel art, web design, and music, which may be showcased at some point.

Why are you here?

If you are here for my Minetest server or MinetestBot endeavors, your help is very appreciated!
Help footing the server bill is always welcome. The cost is not much, but increased server performance and space is always a plus (and Undercore needs it). Boosted performance will help the Minetest server perform better and let MinetestBot be more accessible to other Discord servers.

If you are here to support my mods or 3D work, thank you!
I do these things as a hobby for myself and the community, and your help gives me the opportunity to get even more out of it.

If you are here from YouTube, welcome! Have a look around!
YouTube is something I do just for fun on occasion.
If people like what I do, maybe I'll do more.

Just visiting? Welcome! Take a look and see what you can see!
Maybe you'll find something cool.

If you need to contact me, you can DM me on Discord (GreenDimond#3232) or Twitter!

What do you (the Patron) get out of supporting me?

  • Spoilers Sneak peeks! I'll be posting WIP projects, early releases, and other things here!
  • Requests! Maybe. I might do "free commissions" for 3D work and mods, we'll see*.
  • Role rewards! What's this? Me comprising a lot of things into one. Patrons donating a certain amount will get certain perks *(one of them probably being commissions), so check those out!
  • My thanks! I know, it isn't much, but your support means a lot to me!

</thats all folks>
78% complete
This will enable me to get a web domain for various services.
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