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About Greg Hall

Mountain Glow is the first full-length album by Greg Hall & the Barnhouse Band. The band has been able to fund the recording and mixing process of Mountain Glow and could now use your help to print the CD's as well as pay the amazing musicians that played on the album!The title track can be heard in the video above.
The album was recorded at Barnhouse Recording Studio in Chicopee, MA with the help of local musicians. All musicians will be paid for their contribution when this campaign is completed. In order to fund the production of the CD's, ship merchandise to donors, have new T-Shirts and stickers made, partially fund our touring efforts in support of Mountain Glow upon release, and allow us to continue creating music in the future, Greg Hall and the Barnhouse Band is asking $3,000 to make it possible. Any contribution helps!
Please see the Pledges section to the right - your donation could pay for, among other things, your own copy of Mountain Glow, a private guitar lesson from Greg, or even a house concert!
Greg Hall & the Barnhouse Band have been traveling throughout New England heavily in 2016 and they hope to expand their touring efforts to the East Coast and Midwest with the release of Mountain Glow. You can find a full tour schedule at
Full Biography:
Greg Hall and the Barnhouse Band is the collaboration of folk singer/songwriter, Greg Hall, and an array of Massachusetts musicians who Greg has been lucky enough to meet. After Greg's previous folk-rock band, Dogs of War, disbanded he continued to write songs inspired by his favorite folk/classic country musicians, specifically Johnny Cash, Josh Ritter, and Daniel Romano.
During his final year at Westfield State University where he studied Music Composition, Greg befriended bassist Reed Sutherland from Chicopee, MA where the boys often practiced and collaborated at Reed's Chicopee "Barnhouse". Commonly referred to by Reed's friends and local musicians as "the barn", this place has since been converted into a professional recording studio and is now known as Barnhouse Recording Studio.
Jamie Cocomazzi, an old friend from Westfield State who also resides in Northampton, plays rhythm guitar and cello in the Barnhouse Band. During Greg's transition from Dogs of War's upbeat folk-rock to a more classic country style, Jamie and Reed performed with Greg as a three-piece band. The trio would often play coffee shop gigs and busk on the streets of Northampton for tips.
Through the Barnhouse, Greg met drummer Patrick Brown and guitarist Vassilios Karsaliakos from their previous Chicopee rock band, The Varlets. Both had an interest in playing in a folk band and the group of them officially became the Barnhouse Band. Harmonica player, Miguel Santiago, came from the Northampton band, Father, Misty, and the Big Rock, and was interested in testing his skills with Greg in the classic cover of Folsom Prison Blues. Since then, Greg has met many local musicians through his involvement in the Northampton music scene who often play with him and are featured on this album, Mountain Glow.
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