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Gregory Avery-Weir

Creating Games, Podcasts, and Writing

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About Gregory Avery-Weir

I'm Gregory Avery-Weir. I make games and podcasts. I write, often about games. My work is small and often strange. Here's some of the stuff I do:

Ludus Novus

Ludus Novus is a podcast about the art of interaction. Each episode is a short examination of some aspect of games, systems, or the surrounding culture. Occasionally I've also included short art pieces like "Countdown - A Game For Two Players" or fictional works in the "False Narrativism" series. Its release schedule is sporadic.

Video and Tabletop Games

I have made games for years; some better-known examples of my early work are "The Majesty of Colors," "How to Raise a Dragon," and "Looming". At the moment I'm part of Future Proof Games, where we have made Ossuary, the "Majesty of Colors" remaster, and Rosette Diceless. We're currently working on Exploit: Zero Day and small projects. I sometimes work on little things on the side as well.

Tabletop Garden

Tabletop Garden is an actual-play podcast where we collaborate on short, self-contained stories about interesting characters, and we do it with an agenda. Throughout each campaign we discuss values, techniques, and how to play with intention. It releases weekly during each campaign, with time in between for me to record, edit, and live.

Audacious Compassion

Audacious Compassion is a podcast I produce with Melissa Avery-Weir where we discuss how to be compassionate in difficult situations in everyday life. It's a combination confessional, advice, and critical media discussion show, and we are very proud of it. It is released monthly when we have audience prompts.


I stream on Twitch with an irregular schedule; I tend to play indie games and VR. Melissa and I also take turns on weekly Future Proof Plays streams, where we play through artsy or otherwise interesting games that fit FPG's vision, usually in their entirety.


I write essays, mostly critical pieces on various works or art forms. Some examples are "Why So Few Violent Games?," a blog post from the alternate universe where Gygax and Arneson made Counts and Courtship and Bungie made the bestselling transhuman romance Cortana; "Everyone Should Watch 'Alone Together'," a discussion of childhood intimacy and active consent in my favorite episode of Steven Universe; and "The First Cabinet in Gone Home: A Close Reading," 2600+ words on a piece of furniture and what it teaches us.

With your help, I can devote more of my time to creating my work and less toward making websites for big companies.

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