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At only $1/month, you'll be able to create multiple personal pools - sure, there may be room for 1000 files in your favorites list, but perhaps you want to keep multiple different lists, or keep more than 1000 files together.  Note that the number of extra pools you get is equal to the number of dollars you've given to GreyHen - donating $3 for 2 months will give you the ability to add 6 extra pools!  Be sure to include your GreyHen username in your donation, and within 24 hours you should be able to create more pools.
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Tired of finding a file that needs a bunch of tags and having to type them in one by one?  For $5/month, you can type as many tags as you want into the tag suggestion box, separated by spaces, and you'll automatically vote for all of them!  This benefit expires each month, though, so you'll have to continue donations if you want to keep tagging effortlessly.  Be sure to include your GreyHen username in your donation, and within 24 hours you should gain access to this ability.




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Porn Done Better.
When it comes to adult content, there are millions of sites to choose from.  Most of these are simple hosting sites with a crude interface designed simply to showcase the content.  A demand has arisen, however, for aggregation websites - by utilizing modern web design techniques, websites such as Gelbooru and e621 make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for among their massive collection of files, which gives users quick and easy access to the type of content they want to see.  GreyHen is a lightweight but powerful entry into this category, and aims to take a spot at the top with the existing leaders.

So what sets GreyHen apart?
  1. COMPLETE FEATURE SET: GreyHen implements all useful features, not just one - many websites will support one or two really cool user tools, but neglect the others, while GreyHen aims to have it all, and continue adding new and useful features in the future.
  2. AD-FREE: I currently pay for the site out of pocket, and am using Patreon both to judge user interest and possibly make GreyHen my full-time job, rather than just a hobby on the side.  GreyHen will never run ads, which brings us to the third benefit:
  3. SAFETY: The safety of users' data is incredibly important, and to this end, GreyHen supports multiple levels of anonymity.  Standard safety procedures are in effect, ensuring that your account information is never compromised.  GreyHen doesn't require an email to create an account, letting you remain anonymous.  GreyHen masks all IP addresses, and purposefully "forgets" referral data, so that there's no electronic paper trail.  GreyHen will never divulge user information, not even to government sources - we're prepared to purge existing data rather than compromise user security.
  4. TRANSPARENCY: Too many modern companies/groups make empty promises about how they're not going to shaft their customers, and then do it anyways.  I would never lie to you, but rather than take my word for it, you can ask for any details you want about GreyHen, and so long as it doesn't compromise the safety of the website or its users, I'll answer with all the information I have.  In case you don't want to talk to me directly, though, GreyHen has a number of up-to-date statistics available for user consumption (including detailed information on income and spending) - check our "About" section to see more.
This Patreon
GreyHen's already running.  It's already right there.  So why am I asking for money?  Well, to keep the site running, I have to pay server bills.  I currently pay these out of pocket, but I hope to move to crowd-funding, both because it gives me a better idea of how much people care about the site, and because it means the site can run indefinitely, rather than relying on my personal funds.  If enough people donate, I can begin to upgrade the server, making it faster and more capable.  If, by some stroke of luck, we manage to hit my highest stretch goal of $1500/month, then GreyHen will become my day job - I'm currently in between jobs, but with enough money, I can work on this site 24/7/52, all for your benefit.  Furthermore, any leftover money in between will not be wasted - excess funds will be used to purchase commissions from artists, helping out GreyHen while also supporting the adult art community.

More Information
To learn more about GreyHen and its vast array of features, visit this link.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].
$0.90 of $12.65 per month
At only 12.65/month, all of GreyHen's monthly operating costs will be covered by patrons.
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