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Adventuring sounds like it could be fun right?  I mean, how scary could it be?

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This may indeed be the life for you.  Killing orcs is your business and business is good.

At this level, we will send you two Adventure Records of your choice each month.  When you play the game at home, the dungeon master signs the record and indicates what you earned, so that you can bring that character and all it's goodies with you to Greyhawk Reborn events at conventions and game stores.

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You have the blood of hero within you.  One quest per month is not nearly enough to satisfy your desire for adventure.

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About Greyhawk by Night

Greyhawk by Night

The Greyhawk by Night is a grittier, darker set of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventures in the Greyhawk campaign setting.  It is intended for audiences that prefer mature themes and contains content that is not appropriate for younger or sensitive players.

Set primarily in Iuz borderlands beginning in 617CY, evil and darkness pervade the region. Superstition and mistrust are commonplace and the influence of civilized nations on the cities and areas that will be explored is limited.

Character death is a common occurrence and the general view of many non-player character's that will be encountered is that suffering is their lot in life. Heroism and self-sacrifice is the exception, not the rule.

Designed to be a part of the Greyhawk Reborn Organized Play campaign, patrons can access Adventure Records that allow them to track their progress as part of larger shared world setting.  These records include rewards like favors and treasure that you can earn during the course of the game.  When you sit down at a Greyhawk Reborn event at a convention or local game shop, these rewards travel with you, allowing you to keep playing the same character, with the same level, favors and treasure without having to create a new character every time you play.
All of the adventures made available here are intended to comply with the Wizards of the Coast Fan Content Policy.

What does that mean? 

First, it's free.  Any adventures we share here are completely free to download and play. 

Second, it's unofficial.  Despite many attempts to get the wonderful team at Wizards of the Coast to give us their letter of marque, they have been steadfast about protecting the walls of Greyhawk.  Maybe if you make this page as popular as we know you can, that will change - subscribe!
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I'll contract with an artist who will illustrate one piece of in demand fan art from adventures released here, which we will make available to everyone.
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