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An small adventure laid out in a system agnostic fashion.



About GrimLost

HI, my name is Michael, my pronouns are He/Him and online I go by GrimLost.

I fell in love with rpgs way back when I first got my hands on Knights of the Old Republic, falling in love with the character arcs, decisions and game play that rpgs provide. Not long after, I became somewhat fascinated with D&D, or at least it's minis and sourcebooks. While it didn't lead anywhere at the time, I continued enjoying other rpg video games, such as Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2.

While I enjoyed these games, my fascination with ttrpgs grew and in 2013 I finally dipped my feet in and began watching ttrpgs shows live on Twitch such as Rollplay. Since then I've watched many shows and have dived deep into various ttrpg systems, solo adventures, sourcebooks and really anything directly connected to role-playing games. My current favorite system being the fantastic Blades in the Dark and games Forged in the Dark.

With that said this Patreon was created to share my system agnostic rule ideas, adventures or any oddly specific ideas about ttrpgs and how you might add or otherwise engage mechanics with the fiction of your game. Two thing to note, is that I'm a big fan of harsh weather, especially cold, snowy climates and this will likely be a part of many adventure or rules therein. And that I'm staunchly against any kind of bigotry. As such any adventures, rules or ideas will have that in mind, if not the heart of the mechanics or story.

I'm not trained, nor a skilled designer but we all start somewhere. If you do support me and I do create anything, I will do so with as much skill and heart I can give.

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